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The complete guidance of nnat test online!

The nnat test prep online is published by Pearson Education and is used to get the intellectual abilities of children between the ages of 5 and 17. It is a psychological test that measures reasoning abilities using non-verbal questions. The NNAT is an admissions criterion for various gifted schools and programs in the US.

What is included in the nnat test online?

Since the nnat test online questions do not require reading, writing, or speaking, they are considered Athenian neutral. Thus, due to the language barrier, the test distinguishes students with poor exam results. The NNAT2 test (second edition) contains 48 questions and lasts 30 minutes. It has seven levels (marked from A to G), and each level differs from the others in the difficulty of the questions and the types of questions that appear. Four questions may appear on the NNAT, depending on the level.

Prepare for NNAT west Prep-Online.

Packages offer several ways to prepare for nnat test online. They include a Study Guide for Kids, so kids get to know the questions on the NNAT and get tips on solving them. Although Parent Handbook focuses on ways, parents can help their children with their studies and includes information about the NNAT and methods to support their child’s studies. Each pack also contains different questions that you can access in the exercises. Each exercise consists of questions on a different topic that will appear on the NNAT test. If your child needs more practice in a specific case, they can open the desired exercise and practice the same subject.

The process of nnat test online.

In addition, each package also includes three full-length nnat tests online designed to simulate the actual test. They contain 48 questions from all possible question types that are in NNAT. Tests can be done either one question at a time or in timed mode (also our exercises). The first method offers leisurely training, which is good if your child wants to exercise without a time constraint. On the other hand, timed mode simulates a real test and is a good tool when you want to experience test-like conditions. At the end of each exercise or test, you will see a message that shows the score. In addition, the report also indicates which answers are usually incorrectly, and you can click on each question to see the detailed solution to the question. This way, your child can check the mistake and learn from it.

Once you pay, how and when will you receive the material for nnat tests online?

The sample is based online. This means you can practice them on your computer after you purchase. Use your email address and password (remember during the purchase process) to log into your online account. Unfortunately, only some of our materials are available for download in PDF format and can easily print.

Nnat tests online video practice!

The video below provides an inside look at the nnat tests online, a series of five tutorials explaining how to solve each type of NNAT question in detail. Video Academy involves in every premium package. To continue with NNAT Video, you can purchase the NNAT Premium Pack. They are happy to provide you with a selection of high-quality products at a low price. Your child can afford expensive classes or tutors to excel in a gifted test. Instead, get hundreds of sample questions, realistic practice tests, and study guides. Of course, all materials are online, allowing you to practice from the comfort of your own home.

What does the NNAT cover?

The nnat tests online are purely non-verbal, meaning they do not contain any questions about language, vocabulary or grammar (including tenses). Speaking, reading comprehension, and writing skills are irrelevant in the test as it focuses exclusively on spatial problem-solving. For this reason, the NNAT is considered a fair and unbiased way of testing children for cognitive ability. Scores are not affected by native language, cultural background, educational history, speech, communication, or reading problems. To help children with visual impairments, the shapes in the test are as straightforward as possible, and only the colours black, white, yellow and blue use usually.

What is the aim of the NNAT test?

The nnat tests online are widely used to assess children’s cognitive abilities with as little cultural interference as possible. However, there are specific reasons why your child may take the NNAT test.

  • The NNAis popular because one of the most appropriate tests for cross-cultural assessment, which allows for identifying talent regardless of language skills.
  • Fairly test children’s abilities who speak English as a second language.
  • Measure cognitive abilities in children with a learning disability related explicitly to reading or speaking or who have a speech delay.
  • Project children’s grades in the first days of school before they embark on other assessment forms.
  • Determine which children should accept into gifted and talented programs.
  • Assess whether the child meets the criteria for admission to a particular school.
  • Privately test your child’s problem-solving and spatial skills.

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