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The Best Times to Use an Essential Oil Sunscreen Stick

What would you say about convenient sun protection with plant-based ingredients? What if it also supports your skin’s appearance? The correct response would be, “I need that, please.” A sunscreen stick with plant-based ingredients offers quick access to sun protection. It also provides your skin with nourishing ingredients and essential oils. This stick allows you to bring sun protection and skincare with you just about anywhere. That means there will be ample opportunities to bring it out for a quick, easy, and aromatic application at any of these ideal times.

Apply Sunscreen When Getting Ready for Outdoor Exercise

If you’re going to be spending time outside for a quick workout, at least apply sunscreen to your face. Anything over 30 minutes might need a more thorough sunscreen application. You might consider keeping a mineral sunscreen spray on hand for that. Grab a sunscreen stick for 30-minute morning workouts, short walks, and outdoor winter exercises. You can quickly use it on your face and ears.

Sunscreen Up Before Leaving the House

Before leaving the house on any day of the week during any time of the year, you should apply sunscreen. That means even in the winter. A mineral sunscreen stick enhanced with skin-loving ingredients does double the work. You can thank the essential oils. The formula protects your skin from harsh UV rays. At the same time, it delivers nourishing elements to your skin for the day. Not only do you get sun protection, but you can also enjoy the feeling of a moisturized complexion.

Put on Sunscreen as You’re Sitting at a Coffee Shop

You might think you’re safe from the sun’s rays at your favorite coffee shop, but that’s not necessarily the case. Do you like to sit by a window or relax outside while you sip your drink? Then, you could use the skin support from an essential oil sunscreen stick.

Use a Sunscreen Stick on Your Lunch Break

If you go anywhere on your lunch break, take a nourishing sunscreen stick with you. You can apply a high-quality sunscreen stick with essential oils. These essential oils may include frankincense and helichrysum and create a luxurious, mid-day reapplication. If you’re going for a walk on your lunch break, an aromatic product like this is the perfect pick-me-up.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen When Heading to Brunch with Friends

Are you planning on going to brunch with your friends? Don’t be caught off-guard by an outdoor seating situation. Toss your essential oil-infused sunscreen stick in your purse before you go. The best can help defend your skin against UV rays and also give you a little bit of a moisture-rich glow. The essential oils in the formula should also leave your skin with a wonderful fragrance. So, you can feel just a bit posh during your brunch date.

It’s always a good idea to keep a full-sized container of mineral sunscreen spray at home. Yet a mineral sunscreen stick is a great product to have on hand at any time. You can apply sunscreen right before an impromptu outdoor lunch. Use it while waiting for a coffee order. And apply it to your nose and cheeks every morning for everyday sun protection. It’s also important to refresh your sunscreen application throughout the day. When you find a sunscreen formula with skin-loving ingredients and wonderful aromas, your skin may also look and feel more radiant than before.

About doTERRA

Meaning “gift of the earth,” doTERRA is committed to providing nothing but the purest, top-quality essential oils. Since embarking on their journey in 2008, doTERRA has created a new standard of quality for the industry to deliver CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils and skincare products, like mineral sunscreen spray. Now, doTERRA ships to over 9 million people in 86 countries. Beyond individual well-being, doTERRA embraces a forward-thinking Co-Impact Sourcing® initiative designed to empower every life their products touch, from source to consumer. By focusing on well-being and philanthropy, doTERRA helps people and communities become self-reliant. With a team of expert scientists and research partners, doTERRA sources its powerful essential oils ethically and sustainably, setting the bar for the rest of the industry. When you use pure essential oils from doTERRA, you support the well-being of yourself and communities worldwide.

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Aaron Adler

I'm a blogger who is passionate about essential oils and the many benefits they provide. I have been writing about essential oils for over five years now and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Personally, my two favorite essential oils are Melaleuca and Lavender. I love to use Melaleuca for topically as a hand sanitizer and for insect bites and lavender oil is perfect in my diffuser when I'm getting ready for bed. Thank you for checking out my profile and I hope we can find the perfect oil for your needs!

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