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The Best Design Concepts For Living Rooms You’ll Want To Copy

Living rooms are ripe with opportunity for quick DIY projects, makeovers, clever tactics, and unique design concepts to improve your space. And because we’re spending more time indoors, why not make a few small additions or adjustments to liven up the space where you unwind, have fun, and make time for yourself. Here are some small living room fireplace ideas.

Coordination Of Green On The Sofa

So whether you’re looking for a creative method to use paint techniques, a new approach to maximize your storage space, a fun DIY project, or delicious decor inspiration or small living room fireplace ideas we have a ton of ideas, decor, and tips to get you started on your next project. And if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your home design endeavor, check out our Home Design Lab for the ultimate helping hand.

Match The Colors Of Your Sofa And Walls

Even if it might sound a little corny, this architectural small living room fireplace ideas might look fantastic in a tiny historical building like this one. We adore the way the nearby chimney breast and sofa covers, which are a rich forest green, give the space a sophisticated air. Using this concept, it is possible to construct a color palette using only these two things, even in a bright spring tone. And it looks great!

Display Wood And Art In Your Alcove

The shape of the chimney breast and adjacent wall might make for the ideal spot to frame your art hangings if you have extra room in your alcove and wish to stray from standard alcove shelves. This concept is a fantastic chance to turn unwanted floor space into a wood store. Color-coordinating rug and cushion in small living room fireplace ideas

Match Your Floor Rugs And Couches

How come we’ve never considered this before! It looks great to use the same material (or at least pattern) for your sofa cushions and living room rug. Whatever your home design style, this concept unifies your space and wonderfully harmonizes your fabrics. We do enjoy a good rustic cushion, after all. Design of an small living room fireplace ideas ancient heirloom room.

Use Vintage Heirlooms As Décor

If you have vintage tennis rackets, skis, sports equipment, or even antique dishes in your loft, you might want to consider hanging them on your walls for a creative idea. Try your neighborhood small living room fireplace ideas antique store or even internet markets if you don’t have these kinds of items lying around. You may frequently find something with all the charm of a rustic object for pennies, plus it’s probably unique.

Ideas For A Symmetrical Living Room Layout

small living room fireplace ideas. In our opinion, symmetry in living spaces is seriously underappreciated. If you have the room, choosing a double sofa setup is not only incredibly social but also gorgeous. Importantly, this shifts the emphasis of living room activities away from watching TV and toward social interactions. It also wonderfully frames your fireplace. Use the same form sofa in several fabrics if you want to switch things up for a cool effect.

Alcove In A Living Room With Existing Storage

Use the storage that is already in your alcoves. To maximize your alcoves, you don’t always need custom-made shelves or cabinetry. This house makes excellent use of a cheap storage box. It looks good and costs less than a custom-made item if some basic shelf and the fireplace are painted the same color as the shelving unit. This small living room fireplace ideas typically provides excellent storage, and you can even change it out if you want to update your style.

A Living Room’s Painted Fireplace Tiles

Your small living room fireplace ideas fireplace’s tiles should be painted. Sometimes all a fireplace needs is a little freshening up. For the purchase of a pot of (tile) paint, the tiles on your fireplace can look radically different.

This homeowner painted the surround and applied a unique spray on the metalwork for a total makeover. However, even if it’s only a fast weekend project, painting tiles can significantly improve a space at a modest cost. Just make sure the paint is fire-safe if you’re painting close to an operational fireplace.

Corner Of A Bureau Bar In A Living Room

Build a corner bar. This design demonstrates that you don’t necessarily need to buy new goods to create a gorgeous bar area in your living room, despite the current trend for bar carts and drinks trolleys.

Adding A Few Striking Bottles And Serving Accessories

By adding some eye-catching bottles and serving utensils, you may rejuvenate a dated unit while still making use of the additional storage that is present throughout the rest of the unit. The best part is that if you choose a paint color that goes well with your existing design, making a modification like this will only cost you pennies. A vibrant picture wall is visible behind a sofa in the living room.

Mount A Photo Wall

Nothing except picture walls can fill a bare wall with personality, and they are much more affordable than you may imagine. Finding strange frames from discount stores or charity shops, or simply painting an old, unused frame, might be a terrific place to start.

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Fill Them Without Using Elaborate Art

And you can fill them without using elaborate art. Try printing out living room fireplace ideas that you can make at home, family photos, or even try your hand at making some of your own miniature works of art. The mismatched aesthetic complements any type of design and looks great.

An Old Chest Of Drawers Contrasts With A Paneled Wall

Remove the old furnishings from the room. Try taking an old piece of furniture small living room fireplace ideas apart over the course of a spare weekend in the spirit of making the most of what we have. Whether it’s a bookcase, coffee table, storage chest, or chest of drawers. Removing old paint and revealing the historical details and tales of old furniture can be extremely satisfying.

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