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The Atomic Tank: The Story of the Centurion That Survived a Nuclear Blast – TankHistoria

The Atomic Tank

Do you want to know about “The Atomic Tank” This Centurion Survived a Nuclear Blast? The British Centurion was one of the most advanced tanks of its time. It was also extremely fortunate. At the main British army tank testing facility in Yorkshire on September 17, 1953, two Centurions were undergoing testing when tragedy struck.  A nearby nuclear blast test site had misfired, and a 10-kiloton nuclear explosion occurred just over two miles from the testing ground. During the time they were testing, the two tanks directly collided with each other. The blast destroyed everything within 600 yards and sent shockwaves that cracked windows a mile away — but not on these two tanks. The driver of one claims it was miraculous and attributes it to divine intervention. Both survived with minor scorching as a result of standing directly under the falling debris from collapsing walls, trees, and bushes above them. Even more surprising is that both have remained operational ever since — because they are literally indestructible!

The Centurion’s Atomic Reputation

The Centurion’s Atomic Reputation is the tank that will give you the edge over your enemies. This is not your average tank. This is a tank with a reputation for being the toughest, most resilient tank on the battlefield. The Centurion’s Atomic Reputation is the tank for you. This is not your average tank. This is a tank with a reputation. . If you’re looking for a tank that will give you the edge over your enemies, then Centurion’s Atomic Reputation is the tank for you.

A Brief History of the Centurion Tank


The Centurion is a tank with a history as rich as its name. The Centurion is a beast of a tank. Built by Vickers-Armstrongs Limited, the Centurion is the main battle tank of the United Kingdom. It’s the successor to the popular British Infantry Tank, which ended production in 1946. The Centurion is a powerful tank that can withstand a lot of punishment. It can hold its own against any other tank in its class. It’s also very versatile. With a powerful engine, the Centurion can travel great distances and cross difficult terrain with ease. The tank can also ford water obstacles up to 1 meter in depth. The Centurion is armed with a powerful main gun that can take out enemy tanks with a single shot. Plus, the tank comes with a 7.62 mm machine gun that can provide covering fire for the crew. The Centurion is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Why the Centurion Survived a Nuclear Blast

The Centurion’s designers worked hard to create a sturdy and durable tank that could withstand punishment and last on the battlefield for long periods of time. It was designed with a “two-part” construction, meaning the hull and the fighting compartment were joined together with a very thick bulkhead that could not be penetrated by small arms fire. The crew compartment was able to withstand a direct hit from a German 88-millimeter anti-tank gun hitting the front of the tank. This meant that when the atomic blast occurred, all of the crew were unharmed and the tank was able to drive itself off the testing ground and travel another five miles back to the tank repair facility before the radiation had dissipated. The thick metal hull and the fact that the blast occurred during low tide meant that the water acting as a barrier was able to keep much of the radioactive material from the blast out of the hull, reducing the exposure of the crew.

The Atomic Tank’s Fate

After The Atomic Tank, Centurion had been repaired, it was shipped back to the Royal Armory at Fort Halstead where it was tested for radioactivity. The Atomic Tank’s Fate is a true story of bravery and courage. This tank was used on the battlefield and it faced a huge explosion. But the brave soldiers inside the tank protected the civilians from the blast and saved their lives. The tank was damaged in the explosion but the soldiers inside protected it and kept it from falling apart. They protected the civilians from the blast and saved their lives. It is a wonderful story of bravery and courage.

Lessons Learned

If you’re looking for a tank that will keep you safe no matter the circumstances, the Lessons Learned Atomic Tank is for you. This tank is durable, well-built, and ready to withstand anything that comes it’s way. And if things do go wrong, don’t worry – the tank is equipped with a nuclear reactor core that will ensure that you and your crew stay safe and alive. So whether you’re taking on the enemy or just want to make sure that you’re ready for anything, the Lessons Learned Atomic Tank is the tank for you.


The Centurion was one of the finest tanks of its era. It was so strong and durable that even the immense power of atomic energy could not destroy it. These two tanks withstood an atomic blast without damage. These two “atomic tanks” are now on display at museums around the world, a reminder of the destructive power of the atomic bomb.

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Tank Historia

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