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Steel Doors Efficacy and their Maintenance

For both homeowners and all business types, security is crucial and doors represent a sense of safety, privacy, and peace.  Steel doors are highly protective as they are made of a strong steel layer that covers the core made from polyurethane or polystyrene.  Wood and fiber glass are the most popular materials use for residential entry doors. The impressive benefits of steel doors have now convinced people to use steel doors for their houses as well.

What makes steel doors safer for you?

Steel doors have improved security systems as they have a hook locking system, stable safety pins, and hidden safety clips. These doors made up of strong metal are more difficult to manipulate or dismantle than other types of doors. Steel doors are a challenge for intruders due to their strength and durability as they are nearly impossible to break or get through. Steel doors can last for more than 30 years if installed properly.

Common features of steel doors

The most popular special steel doors include:

 Acoustic steel doors

Acoustic steel doors block a certain volume of sound from entering a room and are highly effective in noise reduction. This door help to keep the noise low in settings like factories and recording studios. Now they are also becoming more and more common in office buildings, hotels, and educational institutions.

 Blast-resistant steel doors

Steel blast-resistant doors can withstand high impulse loading and peak blast pressures. They can incredibly lower the impact of accidental or intentional explosives or fires. These doors are usually install in high-risk areas like government buildings, factories, and chemical storage zones.

Bulletproof steel doors

Bulletproof steel doors are designe to prevent the bullet from travelling through them. The application areas include government buildings, cashier counters, banks, police stations, and other high-crime areas.

Stainless steel doors

Usually, stainless steel doors have a higher demand due to their streamlined and contemporary appearance. Stainless steel material is preferred to prevent rust and corrosion. These doors are found in commercial areas, high-style environments and industrial areas.

Lead-Lined steel doors

Lead-lined doors act as radiation protectors by preventing the transmission of radiation in healthcare environments. These doors are installed in imagery centers, laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

Maintenance of standard steel doors

Steel doors and windows require less replacement and can be repaired easily. Steel door repairs and general visual inspection should be conducted periodically.

Here are a few conditions that you should consider to either repair or replace a door:

Conditions when your steel door needs a replacement

Core Damage

Repeated shocks to the centre of your steel door may weaken its structure. A door with a weak, delaminated or corroded core is dangerous, as you never know when a hit might cause breakage. Replacement of the door is necessary at this point.


If the door is damage due to rust and the exterior of the door is visible, then it needs a replacement. Repairing will not work in this case.


Doors are subject to damage when they are forcefully open. Vandalism affects the core, frame and edges of the door.

Conditions when your steel door needs a repair

Damaged Hinge

Sometimes applying too much pressure on the hinges may cause sagging. The weld points might break and the hinge becomes unusable. It can be fix easily by any professional steel door repairer.

Filling in Holes

Steel doors are malleable and can easily undergo patchwork. Auto-bonding fillers are used to adhere to the metal surfaces. Of course, it is a technical process and you just need a professional door-repair service to get this job done.


Experts can easily fix dents in steel doors. Patching or glazing compound is use to fill minor dents. However, auto-body fillers are use for heavy-duty fixes.

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Final thoughts

Steel door are significantly used in high alert areas for best security reasons. The trend is growing fast as designers are now not only working to improve their functionality but also their appearance. Time-to-time steel door repair is require for an improved experience.

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