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Some Painful And Ground Challenges For The Security Guards

We know that the demand for security guards is increasing day by day. Which means their duty challenges are increasing also because of the high and competitive challenges. We know that a guard’s job is not easy in this need to handle and bear so many things.

People are only focusing on their one side benefits without any more information on the other side. If one side has very good benefits in this job, on the other side many of the risks are associated with it. That’s why the information about ground reality plays an important role.

Things are changing too fast, that’s why you need to keep an eye on them. As the other side is too dark and has a very negative impact on the guard’s life. Most of the time we do not see or mostly we are not willing to see it. The better knowledge about this job is always better to understand the pain of guards.

As most of the time we ignore and not consider guards as a human, that’s the main issue. After this discussion we will understand the pain of guards related to their job and personal life. As this is not an easy task and this is not a normal job if you are considering doing it.

The following are the main key things which you can understand with the pain of this job. But you need to look in those areas in depth to understand the real pain and basics of this job. The following are the key details of the main functional areas which allow better and clear understanding about guard’s life.

Too much and longtime standing in the different kind of weather is not a joke

This is the reality with this kind of job standing for a long time and so many hours is not an easy thing. Because this includes change in the weather which means in hot and cold seasons you need to face all things live. There is no additional protection available for the guards in the log duty.

Due to the different weather impact causing so many impacts on the guard body

Weather is not impacting on the outer body but it is impacting on both sides. This means you need to care for the weather impact and the different kinds of diseases on the body. The more you understand their job ground the more you can feel their pain and struggle for earning the right money.

Different stress on the body is the normal thing for them

Their body most of the time remains in stress because they have not open time for the rest and natural things. Most of the time they need to remain active and alert because of any kind of emergency and the hard situation. The lack of rest causes an increase in the body’s stress.

Sun light and the heat is the big issue for their skin and its related issues

Skin disorders and diseases are the worst thing for them, as this is too common on their faces, hands and other parts. Normally heat, sunlight and the change in the air are the bad things for the guards. As they mostly pass their time outside areas which cause bad impact on them.

Misbehaving by the local public and the other people are the common issue for them

The public plays a very bad role against the guards, because most of the time they treat them badly. If the guards are on the security of any celebrity or any special event, they become bad for the public. That’s why people and the public consider them as their enemy.

Their family life is too much disturbing and big issue in the long dealing

This is the ground fact that guards don’t have any kind of personal life. Their kids and wife most of the time complain because of no support from the family. This is because of their duty hours and shift timing which is not in their control.

They mostly face the different kind of physical impact by the public and people

The risk of life, physical hurting and permanent disability are the basic things for them. Because they know it very well in the security job anything could happen in the public places which they need to face. That’s why to provide the best security they get hurt by the public without hurting them.

Standing in the tight and fitted uniform for the long time is not a joke

For a long time standing in the same position in a tight and fitted uniform is not easy. As this creates big discomfort in the body and its responding. For them uniform wearing is mandatory but due to the long-term duty hours this is not fair.

Long duration accessories weight carrying and holding not an easy task

Carrying weight and so many tools on their body for a long time is an art. As normally this is not the right thing in the long hours. The more guards do their duty they face issues in holding them on their shoulders and body.

They are bound with the company for permission for eating, drinking and moving

Their duty hours are not so open, because they always depend on the instructions due to their duty. In other words, we can say that even for the eating, drinking and other matters they need to get permission. Because due to the security consensus they need to depend on permission procedure.

They are unable to sleep and even take proper rest due to the hard duty

Due to overwork and stressful work, most of the time their duty becomes a pain for them. As in the night they are not feeling well in their sleep. That means they face sleeping issues in their daily life which is bad for their family life as well.

With the best efforts in training and work they not get the reasonable payout

This is the fact with the trained security services you can avail best security even in the hard situations. But the ground reality is that guards have no good support and benefits from their linked companies. They mostly use them and absorb most of the benefits for their pockets. They are fighting for less payment against their life, which is not fair with this kind of job and working.

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