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Some important pieces of advice to prepare for your move

Preparing for an upcoming move will bring you a lot. With the help of pre-made planning, relaxing on the moving day is much easier. Organizing everything yourself on the moving day is stressful. Thanks to preparation, this certainly saves a lot of suffering. In addition, mistakes are made less quickly, and there is a good chance that everything will run smoothly.

Start well prepared for the moving day

You often have weeks, if not months, before the moving day actually arrives. This time can be used very well to prepare and pack everything. Arrange all protective packaging material in advance for easier packing. Sorting the household effects is an important part of this. Think carefully about what should be moved and what can be left behind. When moving to a smaller home, choices will have to be made. Until the moving day arrives, the household effects can be packed. This does not all have to happen at the same time. It depends entirely on the period of the moving day.

Make a clear plan

Planning is important, both in preparation for packing and unpacking. Before packing, you can look at the items that are still used in the old house. For example, items can be packed well in advance, but it is better not to pack some items that are still being used.

After the move, the boxes will be unloaded. It is then very easy if you know where the boxes should be placed. A handy tip for this is to number the boxes and then give the rooms in the new home a number. This way, the boxes end up directly in the right room.

Who runs it?

Making a plan is very nice. Think about who will do everything next. For example, hiring a moving company is very easy. These movers have the experience needed.

Are friends and/or family coming to help you out? Then clearly agree in advance on what is expected of them. Availability will be the basis for this. Also, make an indication of the man hours required; do not forget to bring the transport yourself. Arrange the right transport. This can be a moving van that has to be rented or a car for the emergency personnel.

Some tips for Moving Day

  • Have the gas, water, and electricity meter readings taken from your old and new home.
  • Turn off the main water tap. Turn off the heating. Check that all windows and doors are closed. Check one last time that all cabinets are empty.
  • Pack your food and drinks in chilled packaging
  • Check that there is no one in the reserved parking spaces so that our moving van has enough space. If this is the case, contact the police so that the vehicles can be towed.
  • Collect all keys.
  • Before loading, one of our movers will discuss which items should be loaded last so that you can use/install them first.

Good preparation = half the battle

Even when moving house, good preparation is half the battle and possibly even more. Following the above points carefully makes it easy to manage everything on the moving day itself. By starting the preparation on time, stress and chaos can be prevented.

I hope these tips will be useful to you as you move. Click here to read more beneficial articles.

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