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Simple Steps to Remove Canon Printer Error e02

We use Canon printers for our smooth work. It also comes with many advanced features. The primary things are that it is simple to use and that we can also print documents from another location. Sometimes it also shows a Canon printer error e02. It is a prevalent error that occurs in Canon printers. We can face many problems with this slight error.

Why Canon Printer Error e02

The print head overheats and causes this error. It is vital to fix the issue quickly. We can see that our printer overheats or there is ink leakage. When our Canon printer doesn’t print properly, it means there is a Canon printer error e02.

Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error e02

When we understand why Canon printer error e02 occurs. It becomes comfortable for users to fix them quickly. Here, we explore ways to fix Canon Printer Error e02.

Use Clean Paper for the Printer

We can use different types of paper in printers. It is a primary reason for error e02. It shows errors when a piece of paper is curled, folded, or wrinkled. We can make paper flat before inserting paper into printers. Making any paper flat is simple. There is a need to keep under heavy objects for a few seconds. There is also a chance of moisture in papers because of the nonuse of papers.

When the seasons change, the paper gets moist. It is problematic for Canon printers. Keeping the moist paper under a fan or in the sun will solve this problem. The moisture is also removed, and you insert the clean paper into the printer to avoid Error E02.

Use Correct Paper in the Printer

Ensure that the paper we have inserted into the printer will print perfectly. The incorrectly inserted paper will not print. There is a necessity to know what documents are printed properly. We can also download the manual from its official website. It affects the size and type of paper.

Install Paper Correctly

Positioning the paper correctly is essential for a smooth printing process. When we use the wrong position of the paper, it cannot print. There is a need to check its blades from each side in the inbox. If we put more paper inside, then it refuses to print. It shows a Canon printer error e02.

Identify How Many Pages the Printer Supports Inbox

A printer cannot handle a large amount of paper when it is overloaded. There is a need to know the specific amount of paper needed to insert it. Consult the printer’s manual to find out how many sheets are inserted. Users can then add the number of documents that sustain the inbox. It is better if you print a smaller number of pages to avoid problems like Canon printer error e02.

Cleaning of Feed Rollers

There are restrictions on Canon printers. There is a need to clean up its inbox properly to reduce the chances of error e02. The input tray of the printer causes this error. There is a need to clean the printer and control its many errors. We can clean the printer with the following steps :

  • Switch on the Canon printer and power it up. If it is in sleeping mode, we have to keep its power on. There is no screen on the printer, and one needs to press the power button to switch it on.
  • We can do a long press of the stop button on the printer and hold it for a few seconds. Now its orange light flashes seven times. When it completes seven times, release the button. The roller of the Canon printer rotates and performs the cleaning process.
  • It is also necessary to clean its paper sheet. We can also clean the roller with the same process. There is a need to take A4 sheet size or letter-size paper. We load the tray onto the printer.
  • The user can again hold its stop button till the orange light blinks seven times. Now release its button and the roller cleans in a few seconds.
  • When we complete its cleaning process, the printer quickly ejects the papers. The things we inserted for cleaning are now pushed out of the tray.

We can also use a soft cloth to clean the printer rollers. There is a need to use it gently and smoothly because it reduces the chances of damage. Users can naturally fix Canon printer error e02 with the above steps.

Wrap Up

The Canon printer error e02 occurs many times, but it is also solved quickly. To start the process immediately, we need to follow the above steps exactly. It is also imperative to read its manual so that we can quickly fix the error e02 and Canon Printer Error 6a81. Users can use their Canon printer efficiently and also print documents without delay.

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