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Shopify Pricing 2022: The Full Costs of Owning a Shopify Website

Stepping into Shopify business? Then the price of Shopify should be flashed before you. How much it costs to own a website on Shopify. Here’s the ultimate article to know all about Shopify pricing.  

What are the three popular prices of  Shopify?

Shopify offers three main Shopify pricing plans to pick from.  Let’s look at them in a detailed way along with their prices and important features your Shopify store can have. 

  1. Basic Shopify ($29/month)

This Shopify plan is best for small businesses or for the ones who are looking to develop an online storefront for the existing store.  

  1. Shopify ($79/month)

If your own a small business that’s thriving quickly, then you need a robust site. This Shopify plan offers granular reporting data & features such as cart recovery and gift cards. 

If you got a small business then you shouldn’t miss these features. The bigger you thrive more profits you can add. This plan is perfect for you if your site returns $5000 per month. 

  1. Advanced Shopify ($299/month)

This Shopify plan is perfect for large and medium businesses that always grow more. Are your eyes set on the big target that this plan offers advance reporting, transaction fees, shipping, and more?  

Companies whose profits exceed more than $10,000 can opt for this plan. Brands that are using this plan could regain the monthly cost with its additional features. A Shopify development company can help you choose the better option for your e-commerce store. 

More Shopify pricing plans

If the above Shopify pricing won’t work for your brands then, Shopify offers an enterprise and inexpensive option. Where at least one offers a website, exactly like you need.

  1. Shopify Lite

 Shopify Lite plan might not offer a full online store. But it easily merges with the existing social media network or website. That lets you chat with the customers, design invoices, and accept credit cards. It is better for the one who is established and doesn’t have any plans to expand. It costs $9 monthly.

  1. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the enterprise-level plan mainly for high business. It offers powerful features even for site hosting. This targeted $1 million and more which charges $2,000 monthly. 

Shopify Pricing vs other platforms Pricing


As Shopify is made for large stores, people easily estimate it can en quite more costly than the competitors. However, one should notice how the little difference in the cost is worth it for you.   Shopify offers an accessible entry price point than the competitors. BigCommerce is another Ecommerce platform that offers close numbers regarding features. 

 Shopify gets an additional 2% transaction fee for the purchases if they aren’t made via Shopify Payments. However, Bigcommerce doesn’t offer Abandoned carts. Consult a Shopify agency and choose wisely. 

Additional Shopify Costs to Be Aware Of

Not just plans, an ecommerce business comes with more costs than the normal website plan. Here are additional charges & add-ons to look at. 

  • Apps: Many third-party providers provide apps for the Shopify websites via the online Shopify app store. Their prices & features are varied.  They can charge approximately $299 monthly.
  • Domain Name: A business owner can register a domain name from Shopify. Where the service begins at $14 for one year. Go to Shopify’s domain name page for looking business name to find if it is free.
  • Email Hosting: Shopify provides email hosting, where you could utilize email hosting templates one can manage campaigns on Shopify easily.  You should pay $1 for one thousand emails. Shopify free trial offers email hosting to try. 

Shopify Pricing: Transaction Fees and Credit Card Rates Explained

Along with the pricing differences, there as a few variations you should eye at.

You don’t have to worry about processing fees if you are utilizing the Shopify payment processors. If you go with other options such as Paypal then you will be charged around 3% along with 30 cents for a sale transaction. Credit card rates and transaction fees are the main disadvantages while implementing a sale channel in the e-commerce business. Typically a business should be able to get good volume sales and needs to ramp their revenue without spending a buck. 

 However,  every platform charges credit card and transaction payments. These charges are differed based on the certain type of plan you choose.

  • Basic Shopify: Shopify Basic plan charges 2.9% + 30 cents for a sale. 
  • Shopify: Shopify standard account charges 2.6% + 30 cents for the sale transaction.
  • Advanced Shopify: Advanced Shopify charges 2.4% along with 30 cents for the sale transaction.

What is Shopify POS Pricing? 

Are you thinking to skyrocket Shopify strategy to another level and then hailing the Shopify POS system? Shopify POS system is accessible for offline sellers who like to sell offline and like to have an online retail presence.  It works with e-commerce which ensures you are selling online or offline hassle freely. It’s a light version offered with every Shopify plan. Whatever Shopify pricing price you pick you need to get access to the Shopify POS light.  Now you could utilize Shopify consumer profiles for product management, and managing sales. You will be charged for the Shopify package along with 89 dollars monthly for the area you like to offer. 


Finally,  Shopify is the best-hosted ecommerce builder. It is not cheap.  Their wide array of ecommerce tools gives you access to the App store. Shopify is a fast-growing and strongest online store builder. Are you looking for taking commerce builder then Shopify is a good option for you? If you are thinking of building a profitable store, then Shopify assists in reaching your goals.

But, contrary to popular options the price of the plan is not too costly. In case your store earns $1000 monthly go with the $29 plan. In case your sales boost to $5,000 a month, then the monthly prices become negligible. If your business makes $250-300 monthly, thy Zhooify is not for you.  Whether you like to produce many dollars, then Shopify can help you with that. 


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