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Right Age for Hajj 2022

Right Age for Hajj 2022:

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has fixed the right age for Hajj 2022 at 65 years. This time 1 million pilgrims will participate in the annual Hajj. People over the age of 65 cannot enter Mecca to perform the duty of Islam. Saudi Arabia has announced some restrictions to protect pilgrims from an epidemic of COVID 19. Because this disaster has badly affected the whole world for the last 2 years and has killed 6,322,096 people.
What are the minimum and maximum ages for Hajj 2022?

The Saudi government announced in April that the age of 65 Muslims has the right to go on Hajj 2022 or not. But the gates of the kingdom will never be opened, at least this year, for more than that age. The ban could be lifted next year.

Note: There is no restriction for Umrah 2022, so you will not face any restrictions when booking the Umrah package as all restrictions have been removed for the elders and younger.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has not issued or announced the minimum age for the annual Hajj. It’s like a mysterious box, especially for those who are still confused about minimum. Here, you can find the logically correct answer. The Saudi government is not allowing Hajj for those who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus three times. That’s right, children under the age of 12 can enter Al-Haram or Al-Nabawi mosques without permission.

Can a person under the age of 12 go on Tawaf, Sa’i, Arafat, Muzdalifah, etc.?

No, those under the age of 12 cannot go to Hajj points with their parents or family relatives. Because this population has not yet been vaccinated against COVID 19 3 times
Result: The maximum age for Hajj 2022 is 65 years and the minimum age is 12 years.

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Is the right age enough for Hajj pilgrims?

No, there are other aspects for Hajj pilgrims. Vaccination, PCR test, Hajj visa and Etmarana app are aspects along with age.

PCR test:

Today, pilgrims do not need any ACWY or meningitis tests except PCR tests. Because this test covers every health problem. Only those with negative test results can enter the country, but only on one condition. There are also 72 hours for this test. And these hours start before departure.

Hajj Visa:

Leave the idea of ​​an annual pilgrimage without getting a Hajj visa. And the Saudi government insisted that it confirm the Hajj visa, whether the Hajj package is included or not. And this government has advised you to book your travel arrangements with a licensed travel agency.

Is there any prediction regarding age restriction for Hajj 2023?

No, there is no prediction about the age restriction for Hajj 2023. These are just speculations that the age of 65 may be banned in 2023 next year. But the graph of the affected people by COVID19 is showing that the limit will be buried in the future. Hopefully, once again, the young will be on the annual sacred journey with his elders (parents and grandparents). As it happened in 2019 or 2018.


The right age for Hajj 2022 is 65 years. Above this age, pilgrims cannot participate in the annual journey. 3 immunization of COVID 19 vaccination has been suggested for all Muslims who are coming to Mecca to perform their religious duty. The minimum age is 12 years old to join the Hajj. Never give up patience because there is such a way to bring yourself closer to Allah.

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