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Reasons You Should Spend On Buying An EUC

Electric unicycles are a futuristic riding trend. If you’re wondering if such a huge expense on a mere one-wheel vehicle is stupid, let us enlighten you!

Following are some reasons e-unicycles are a perfect choice for electric vehicle fans.


1) Easy Storage

Since electric unicycles are compact and easily folded up in a small size, storage isn’t an issue at all. With these e-cycles, you can ride anywhere and fold them in the form of a bag or suitcase. Whether at the airport or in the superstore, storage and parking are easy!


2) Environmentally Friendly

Electric unicycles don’t require any fuel (e.g. petrol, diesel, or gas). They just run on a charged battery. Thus, they are more environmentally friendly than any other vehicle can be. So with a EUC, you will ride around in style while saving the planet in your torsion-resistance shoes!


3) A Stable Ride

Most people think EUCs are hard to ride because they are single-wheeled. However, the reality is quite the opposite. You can feel more at ease riding a unicycle due to the thickness of the tire. It is stable and offers a complete form for easy turning on roads.


4) Covers Long Distances (on short charge)

While there are a couple of charge restrictions on electric unicycles, you can expect a lengthy ride nonetheless. Most riders use it to practice for fun and ride a few blocks from home. But if you have a 50-60% battery, take those torsion resistance shoes out, and you can easily run 50 kilometers in just an hour!


5) Performance And Power

No matter how small and compact they may seem, unicycles are powerful vehicles. Once you buy it, there’s no going back from the passion you’ll have for EUCs. You can drive this 50 km on a straight road or climb a hill. The torque and energy will remain just the same.


How Does It Work?

Electric Unibikes have some basic components like the motherboard, motor, wheel, and battery. These combine to make a hybrid vehicle run by electric mechanisms but controlled by binaries.

One thing about owning e-unicycles is maintenance. Although they’re not very high maintenance, you have to take care of the unicycle and its essentials for them to last long.

These essentials include torsion resistance shoes (or any other e-cycle shoes you use) and a helmet. So the first step to making sure you know how an electric unicycle works is to charge it fully. At the learning stage, you might want to practice at a slow speed.

Unicycles are not very friendly with low speeds, so they take much battery power in that case. Also, you must learn how to control a one-wheel vehicle first – without giving in to the overwhelming speed settings of an electric unicycle.

Thus, we recommend you first learn to skate. Skates are a perfect method of learning to maintain balance and keep in form while you move.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, riding a unicycle is super easy and gives you a new style as a rider. You should not be confused about whether you should spend on a unicycle.

In fact, in your spare time, you can even rent it out or teach the ride to newbies. This is a perfect opportunity when they buy their first Kinetic DL vehicle!

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