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Reasons Athletes Use Stainless Steel Shakers


Whether you are a new gym-goer or an experienced trainer working to attain a lean physique. A stainless-steel shaker can be a lifesaver for you. This handy bottle eases mixing supplements resulting in a pure healthy protein shake. Which leads you towards quicker muscle recovery and improves athletic endurance.

As the fitness industry continues to grow more people are trying to break into the industry.  Newbies often lack proper knowledge about fitness and use an ordinary water container to store their protein shakes.  These youngsters don’t have any idea about the rewarding benefits of a high-quality protein shake.

According to the professional athlete, protein shake helps in speedy muscle growth, improves your overall athletic performance, and reduces overall body fat by keeping you feeling fuller throughout the day. Here a plastic bottle can make your shake unfresh after some minutes.

Plastic bottles are not built with reliable material, lacking the capability to keep your drink fresh for a couple of minutes. As a result, your shake does not remain fresh causing health problems.

In this article, we are going to mention several reasons an athlete should prefer a stainless-steel shaker instead of a plastic water container.


A gym-goer has the aim to accomplish for which he engages in a fitness journey. The time duration of such a workout plan may extend from 5 months to 1 year and so on. A daily exercise plan asks for 45-60 minutes after which you need the energy to recover from exercise.

This means you have to store your shake and drink it as the training session ends.  A fresh shake quickly repairs damaged muscles allowing you to feel relaxed. In case you are using a water bottle to carry your shake, it will not remain fresh even after minutes. 

On the other hand, a shaker bottle also known as a shaker cup is designed to keep your shake fresh even for hours. Its double-wall insulation ensures that anything you store will remain in the same temperature. Which makes it a reliable choice for the long-term and frees you from the worry of spending your money on buying a water bottle repeatedly.

Offers a Healthy Protein Shake:

A protein shake undoubtedly is crucial for your overall fitness and exercise performance. in case it is not fresh enough you may face stomach issues as well.  Therefore, you need to ensure that water is properly mixed into the water.  Proper mixing supplements bring you a fresh shake that goes down into the muscles and improves your overall athletic performance.

Protein is an important micronutrient for speedy muscle growth. Here it becomes very essential for an athlete to have a pure protein shake that is free of powder leftovers. When you use a water bottle to mix water with powder you will see there are powder particles floating on the water’s surface. It is because there is no proper mixing instrument in such content to ensure mixing supplements.  Which does not bring positive outcomes for you.

While a shaker bottle comes with a dedicated mixing ball that ensures your drink is fully ready. It is also known as a whisk that keeps on surrounding until the water and powder mix and forms a rich smoothie for you.  Steel shaker is known for its mixing capabilities and experienced athletes show confidence in using a stainless-steel shaker for storing their drinks.

Stainless Steel Shaker

Preserves Drinks Edibility: 

Once you have started hitting the gym you need a shaker bottle for mixing supplements with water. Newcomers often don’t like the taste of whey protein at the beginning of their fitness journey. However, it is very crucial for your exercise routine as whey offers speedy muscle recovery from intensive workout sessions. 

Another important thing here is there is no need to get accustomed to this unusual taste because of the plastic reaction. Plastic has been shown to react with certain ingredients making the taste of your drinks very odd.

On the other hand, a shaker bottle comes with double wall insulation to ensure that your drinks will remain fresh for hours. Whether it is a hot chocolate or a chilled beverage you will enjoy a healthy yummy drink even after hours of your exercise. 

Although you have to pay a couple of more bugs for buying a shaker bottle than a plastic water carrier. Whereas, in the long term you will see the benefits of a shaker cup will overweigh the price. 


A promising benefit of the shaker cup besides perfect mixing protein is its versatility. This means you can use it to store other beverages like smoothies, coffee, chocolate shakes, etc. School kids often like having hot chocolate which they can store in the shaker bottle and carry with them. 

Similarly, office adults like coffee to remain fresh throughout the day. Nothing is better than a steel shaker to keep the coffee warm and fresh for an entire day.

Here it is prior to mentioned that you can expect such versatility from an ordinary plastic water bottle available in the market. Although they are available at reasonable rates in comparison with a shaker cup. 

Whereas, in the long-term water bottles are not a reliable option. It is because when you store a coffee or any drink in it. There will be a smell even if you wash it several times. This means you cannot use it to store other drinks once you have used it for storing something.

The Stainless steel shaker bottle which is also a product of biox nutrition is a user-friendly accessory that becomes your perfect gym companion. Either you can use it to store coffee on weekdays and use it for your protein shake on the weekend it will remain loyal to you. No matter how many times you wash them, they will come out like new ones.


There is a never-ending list of  stainless steel shaker benefits when you start counting.  Besides preventing your drink from spoilage and keeping it warm It is a portable item that you can carry anywhere. 

For instance, if you are on your way to the gym, you can carry the shaker bottle along with you in the bag pack. Similarly, being a college student, you can rely on this bottle not to drop anything on your uniform or in the bag.

These are the reasons everyone shows his trust in using a steel shaker cup.  Whether he is a college graduate or a professional athlete, there is no going back from using a shaker bottle in his daily routine.

However, if you compare it with a plastic ordinary water bottle it will come no way near the shaker cup. Whether it happens to be the mixing capabilities or storage capacity of the bottle.  There is not a single advantage of using a plastic bottle in comparison to a shake bottle.

Especially when you are an athlete you cannot compromise your health.  Therefore, the steel shaker bottle becomes the best choice in this regard for you. it remains with you for the long term because of its solid material which ensures durability.

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