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QuickBooks outlook is missing – How to troubleshoot this basic issue?

Imagine that you are working on a very tight timetable, and according to your supervisor, the reports of invoice and taxes should have been submitted to the client five minutes sooner. At this moment, you have discovered that a problem in your network connection is preventing QuickBooks from sending your emails because of an error that states QuickBooks is unable to send your emails owing to the failure of the network connection. However, this is not necessarily because of a problem with the network. Read on for some additional explanations.

The question is why QuickBooks does not work with Outlook 2016

Error messages can appear when you are using QB programs to carry out your day-to-day operations, bringing attention to problems that exist with Outlook. Because of this difficulty, the system is unable to transmit any reports or bills to customers or other departments.

What are the potential causes of the error message “QuickBooks Outlook not installed”?

Some of the factors that contributed to the problem are discussed below. Just read them out loud.

1. It’s possible that the email settings in QuickBooks or Internet Explorer were configured incorrectly by you.
2. Malware concerns could potentially cause damage to some components of QuickBooks.
3. If you are using a version of Microsoft Outlook that is no longer supported or has become obsolete, this could be the cause.
4. The version of QuickBooks that you are using is in the administrative mode.

What are the potential fixes for the problem that occurs when QuickBooks reports that Outlook is not responding?

The following is a list of potential solutions to the error “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding.”

Solution- 1

1. If there are any applications that you are working on that are now open, save your progress and close all of them.
2. Using the Task Manager, terminate all of the QuickBooks processes, and then use the clean install tool to rename all of the QuickBooks files and applications.
3. Uninstall QuickBooks and manually rename any directories that were accidentally deleted.
4. After the computer has finished restarting, reinstall the QuickBooks software.
5. Make the necessary changes, then resend the email to the recipient.

Read this short guide to know how does the QuickBooks Tool Hub works.

Solution- 2

1. Launch Microsoft Word, choose an existing file from your hard drive, then e-mail it to yourself with a PDF attachment.
2. If Word is unable to complete the action, you should contact the Microsoft Support Helpline immediately.
3. If, on the other hand, the email is sent without any problems, you should instead proceed with these procedures.
a. Exit out of any open programs and navigate to the File Explorer.
b. Launch Windows, navigate to the System32 folder on the C: disc, and then launch it.
c. Navigate to the Fixmapi.exe file and start the repair process.
4. Restart the computer and give the email another shot after you’ve done so.


This brings us to the conclusion of our blog post on the many ways to fix the error that occurs when QuickBooks outlook is missing. We really hope that the methods that were outlined above are of assistance to you and that your issue is fixed in a timely manner. In the event that this is not the situation, you can gain rapid access to the most effective aid there is by calling the number shown on our hotline.

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