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In today’s business world, training will set you apart from the crowd. Education and experience are impressive on a resume, but specific training in areas not offered or emphasized in traditional schools sets you apart from your peers when equally qualified candidates apply for the same McKinsey Interview Cases  position. For example, if an employer is looking for a salesperson to sell their product efficiently and effectively, the candidate with training in sales presentations, marketing skills, public speaking, telephone skills, etc. will have an “edge” over the candidate without that specific training.


Today’s technology allows you to get this training both inexpensively and quickly. There is a plethora of online business training companies offering business courses in every subject imaginable. You can start with a resume writing course to improve your resume. Then take a few “Target” courses to increase your knowledge in the area you want to enter or re-enter. The convenience and availability of the Internet allows you to take an entire course the night before an interview and better prepare for the job. Recruitment interviewers are impressed when you can slip industry terms into your conversation during an interview.

Applicants for employment

As a supervisor, I’ve interviewed numerous applicants for employment, and the most sought after are those who have the skills needed to “get started”. The more training required to prepare the candidate for the job, the more lost productivity. The same concept applies to promotion in your current job. Are you applying for a promotion to a managerial position? Take an online leadership or management course. Know the answer to some of the questions you might be asked during a job interview. Imagine you have a job interview and the interviewer asks you, “What steps would you take to resolve a conflict between two of your subordinates ? ” . You know the answer. Alongside the job or promotion, these skills will help you do a better job and feel more confident.

A formal education is always a plus when being considered for employment or promotion, but having impressive skills is just as, and in some cases more important. Considering the low cost and minimal time it takes to acquire this knowledge, it makes sense.

How to be successful at job interviews

The key to success is treating the interview as a project that requires you to gather information, make feasibility decisions, set goals, identify the resources needed, create a plan of action, and carefully manage the project through to completion. To put it simply, you must prepare professionally for the interview in order to have the best chance of success.

List of actions

Gather information about the hiring organization (this includes your current employer if the interview is internal): Before you decide whether to attend the interview, it is important that you gather information about the organization and who they are analyze . They need information about current and projected performance, the health of the business sector in which it operates and the position it is offering. If the organization and sector are healthy and the job looks safe and has potential, you can move on to the next level. If your results are negative, it is almost certain that the best decision is to turn down the opportunity.

Attend the interview

Decide whether you want to attend the interview or not. You must make an objective decision as to whether accepting this new position is the right decision for you now.

Essential research

Research the interview format: You need to do some basic but essential research on the practical aspects of the interview. Again. Who is on the interview panel (their titles give you important clues as to their relationship to the post); What format the Businessacademy1 will take (there’s nothing worse than arriving with the expectation of a traditional face-to-face interview and realizing that it’s going to be a day-long series of tests, group activities and interviews).

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