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Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare

I know that you are tired of doing makeup every day. You should wake up earlier and do everything faster than you would do without doing makeup. That’s why sooner or later the majority of women come to the conclusion of doing permanent makeup, especially permanent eyeliner.
But before going to ladies beauty salon you have better gather some information before so you will know what you will wait for after the process. In beauty salons, you can find not only permanent makeup services but also tattoo removal ones.

Here are some things that you should expect after permanent eyeliner:

The first day is the happy day

Of course, when you do something new you get excited. Especially if it is a beauty procedure you get double excited. You will have your permanent eyeliner and you don’t have to wake up earlier to do your makeup. First thing you should see after the procedure is your eyeliners that are quite darker than they should have been. But it’s okay, as they are going to be lighter after some days.
It will also seem a little bigger than it will after it has healed in a few days. This is a typical side effect of your healing process and is caused by color oxidation in addition to a tiny bit of edema. Driving home and carrying out the rest of your day, as usual, won’t be a problem for you. Except for perhaps those you know very well, it’s doubtful that anyone else will notice that you have permanent eyeliner.

2-3 days of darkening

As the pigment oxidizes, your color will temporarily darken and thin scabs will develop.
You might feel a little puffy when you wake up, but you can get rid of it by sleeping on your side or using a cool compress. Although stiff and dry, your eyeliner won’t hurt.

On day 5 your eyeliner will be flaking

You want to let the healing process naturally shed. It is usual for the color to appear lighter than it will finally heal once all of the scabbing has finished flaking. Your freshly healed skin is concealing the true color underneath, therefore this lighter tint is only temporary. Your eyeliner color will blossom over the next weeks.

There are two options for permanent eyeliner aftercare: Wet healing and Dry healing

Dry Heal

That’s as it sounds: dry healing. You’ll always keep your permanent eyeliner dry. You won’t touch your eyeliner at all after your visit for permanent eyeliner. You’ll let your eyeliner heal naturally.
But it has pros and cons, let’s see one of them.
Pros: There is nothing you need to do, and no aftercare equipment is necessary.
Cons: During the healing process, you’ll experience extensive scabbing and uneven color recovery.

Wet Heal

Today, the majority of permanent eyeliner practitioners cure their clients’ eyes while they are still wet. Following your visit, the artist will ask you to clean your eyeliner every 15 minutes. You’ll perform this task for two to three days, depending on your artist’s taste. To prevent your eyeliner from drying out, you’ll also use an eyeliner healing gel.

Also, you have to consider that you shouldn’t use contact lenses for a week and mascara for some 2 weeks.
Due to flaking and the body trying to remove the foreign substance, some color is lost while the skin heals. At the touch-up, where extra color is added and the shape can be changed if you want it thicker, the lost pigment is replaced.

The touch-up is scheduled about six weeks after the initial application because permanent eyeliner still requires some time to mend after you’ve finished with aftercare.


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