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NAS storage or Cloud? Which one will you choose for your business?

Before we get into the details, we must clarify the definitions. With Cloud, it’s pretty straightforward. We have all used Google Drive, and we all know what it is.

However, the question is: what exactly is NAS?

Network Attached Storage is a network connected device (a type of small computer) located in a data center and is used to store your information. That is unlike Cloud, which is somewhere in the “cloud” – or so they say.

After being hooked up with the WAN connection or your Network, NAS storage access is available from any place (the same way as Cloud) as long as you have the username and password and the right privileges.

So, which is better?

In reality, it’s not an entirely accurate comparison. However, if you’re looking for safety first type of storage, cloud storage may be the most affordable option.

Let’s clarify. Cloud storage is renting space from a service provider. So you could think of it as renting some space from several NAS devices scattered around the world.

Its counterpart, Network Attached Storage, provides an area for the entire local Network and generally will be found in the data center room. With the capacity to share and store data, many enterprise NAS devices also function as file servers and multimedia servers.

A short comparison between NAS storage and Cloud

Many people with a budget will argue that it’s not required to purchase a NAS storage to accomplish the job. Instead, they’d say that you’ll need an old computer and external HDDs for cheap, then install something like OwnCloud on it, and you’ll be content and get the job done.

This approach has its own downsides. First, it is not suitable for large enterprises. Second, if you’d like to have the same experience as that of the Cloud, I suggest using at least a dedicated storage device like a storage server for the sake of reliability. Thus, it’s less troublesome when setting up. Furthermore, the storage capacity of a scale-out NAS is virtually unlimited, and the cost is more reasonable for space. In comparison to Cloud, NAS provides more room at the same price.

You can get quick and straightforward access to your data from both services. However, no matter which option you select, the performance will depend on your speed, the internet’s quality, and the amount of data you save.

NAS typically gives users more choices for access, including more sophisticated applications and more robust data management utilities like automatic storage tiering, deduplication, replication, and much more. StoneFly is currently one of the best NAS system manufacturers providing all those features in their super scale-out NAS storage appliances.

Bottom Line

Today, you can get NAS storage as well as cloud-based storage on every budget. However, NAS solutions remain an affordable solution for long-term storage.

Although you get a good deal on offer from Cloud storage companies, there’s nothing more efficient than Network Attached storage for large quantities of data. However, the Cloud is quite lacking, and you might discover that various options and features compensate for its cost.

I hope that this post will assist you in making the best choice.

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