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Most Trending Topics to Learn Technology in this Era

Everything surrounding us is either technology or being controlle by technology. Even we (human beings) have also become greatly dependent upon technology that we are near to getting enslaved by it. However; this post is about some of the most trending topics to learn about in this era of technology.

“Technology is both; a tool for helping humans and for destroying them. This is a paradox of our times which we are compelled to face.”

On one hand; life has been simplified thanks to the inventions of technology. Students can easily Buy MBA Dissertation Online services, assignment help, or any form of academic assistance due to the latest technological innovations. Similarly; teachers, doctors, influencers, engineers, and all groups of people are making full use of these technologies. However; there are some setbacks to it as well including pollution, being greatly dependent, and so on. Nevertheless; it is the time of technology and everybody must be aware of it. 

Most trending topics of technology in this era:

Our youth is already quite informed about technology and the opportunities brought with it. They know the online platforms from where they can buy PhD Dissertation Proposal Help; they know about visual effects, and they are aware of different social media platforms. Still; there is much more to learn as technology is an extensive subject and has lots of hot topics to discuss upon.

  • Blockchain technology:

You might have heard about the terms of crypto-currency, Bitcoin, and so on. Well! All these and other forms of digital currency are a part of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can be defined as the shared collection of accounts that helps in the process of recording transactions that are carried out in a business network. These transactions recording can be about any tangible or intangible asset.  

Pros and cons of blockchain technology:

As said earlier that technology comes with its pros and cons so, in a similar manner blockchain technology also has its positive and negative aspects. Following are some of the positive aspects of this form of technology:

  • It is faster and easier to use.
  • It is highly secured and has great confidentiality.
  • It has shown no failure until now.

Some of the cons of block-chain technology are as follows:

  • It is not legally accepted in all countries as yet.
  • It is quite high in cost.
  • It has the risk of falling flat.
  • E-learning:

E-learning is the process of taking to teaching education through an electronic medium. It is based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic mediums including laptops, computers, Smartphones, and so on. Basically; it is the employment of digital and technological ways to obtain education (bestassignmentwriters, 2020). It can also be an independent form of learning where students take information from the internet on their own without the help of any institute or instructor.

Pros and cons of E-learning:

E-learning has mostly brought positive opportunities with it but still; it also has some negative effects. Following are some of the positive points of this form of learning:

  • It is extremely convenient to take help from it anytime.
  • It provides effective ways of learning.
  • People in the most remote areas can take the highest level of education through this platform.

The negative points of electronic learning are:

  • It increases screen-timing and ultimately affects eyesight.
  • It makes students too dependent upon online educational apps.
  • It causes a lack of discipline.
  • Digital Marketing:

The use of social media and the internet for the promotion of different brands and companies in the process of digital marketing. The purpose of digital marketing is to give recognition to a particular brand and bring the awareness of people towards a brand or a company on an international level. Much has been written about technology, innovation, and knowledge in an international context (Andersson et al, 2016). Different means can be used for promoting the brand digitally including messages, web designing, social media platforms, and so on.

Pros and cons of digital marketing:

Following are some of the positive aspects of digital marketing:

  • It has a wider reach so people all over the world can know about your brand.
  • It is low in cost; you can easily promote your content without much investment.
  • It is easily accessible plus faster to use.

The below-mentioned are some of the negative effects of digital marketing:

  • The global reach increases the completion among the brands.
  • This process is time-consuming.
  • Negative feedback can destroy the brand’s reputation altogether.
  • Artificial intelligence:

How can one forget about artificial intelligence while talking about the hot topics of technology! Artificial intelligence can be defined as computer-based systems that are developed in a way to perform the functions as per the intelligence of human beings. Visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making are the most common examples of artificial intelligence.

Pros and cons of artificial intelligence:

The below-mentioned are some of the pros of artificial intelligence:

  • It increases work efficiency.
  • It reduces the human error possibility.
  • It offers day and night availability.

Following are the negative aspects of AI:

  • It costs quite a sum.
  • It reduces job opportunities.
  • It makes humans lazy.  
  • Mobile development:

Mobile development can be defined as the process in which different applications are use that is run on Smartphones. Mostly. the internet is used for the functioning of these apps. 

Pros and cons of Mobile development:

Following the pros of mobile development:

  • It offers cost-effective options.
  • It provides throughout the day and night support.
  • It offers expert help.

Some of the cons of mobile development are:

  • It might endanger data privacy.
  • It rarely functions without a   network.
  • It starts charging after some time.


Technology keeps on developing with time. The trending topics about technology have been mention above. Hopefully. They will prove to be helpful for you guys. 


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