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Medical Astrology

Astrology for Medical Purposes

What exactly is the point of astrology, and how exactly can it assist you in any way? The solution is not complicated at all. Astrology is able to determine the causes of a person’s health problems by determining the techniques or therapeutic treatments that are capable of permanently curing the individual’s ailments. In today’s modern world, Medical Astrology is an increasingly popular field of practice. The many applications of astrology will be brought to your attention in the following paragraphs.

Astrology and the Subject of Health

With the use of Medical Astrology, a person’s health state may be determined. A life that is healthy requires a harmonious balance between the health of the spirit, the health of the body, and the health of the intellect. Your horoscope is nothing more than a blueprint of your whole body, and it reflects the interplay of your body, soul, and intellect.

The Historical Development of Astrology and Medicine

Astrology has been used for the goal of offering help in the field of medicine for millennia. It was first used by the individuals who laid the groundwork for and inspired the development of modern medicine.

Hippocrates, who lived between the years 460 and 377 BC, is often regarded as the “Father of Modern Medicine” because of the significant contributions he made to the field.

In a similar vein, Nicholas Culpepper is credited with laying the foundation for an herbal treatment. Both of these illustrious pioneers held the belief that astrology had an essential role in the realm of medicine.

The utilization of Medical Astrology should be done so carefully

There is no way that astrology can be utilized on its own to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Holding a valid medical license is also quite significant. If they do not have a valid medical license, those who practice Medical Astrology cannot provide accurate recommendations. Without a valid medical license, practicing medical astrology might lead to inaccurate diagnoses and further health complications.

The Contribution of Medical Astrology to the Provision of a Successful Treatment

When trying to determine the cause of a health issue, most astrologers go to the planet Neptune as their starting point. It denotes a heightened sensitivity in all three areas of the mind and body: psychologically or cognitively, emotionally, and physiologically.

The location of the planet Neptune may be used to determine which organ is too responsive to influences from the environment.

For example, if Neptune is located on the eastern horizon at the moment of a person’s birth, this indicates that the individual will have a body that is carefully calibrated and a link between the mind and the body that is very sensitive.

A person with this level of vulnerability is severely impacted by viruses and infections, which may lead to a variety of conditions and allergies. Because of this, medical astrologers base their recommendations for therapies on where the Neptune planet is positioned.

Time Spent in Recovery

As was indicated previously, medical astrology bases treatment recommendations on the relative positions of the planets. The positioning of Pluto and Mars provides information on the length of time the patient will need for recovery.

Healing Procedures and Methods

Astrologers who practice medicine also play a vital part in determining which healing method would be most beneficial. Many astrologers agree that the signs of Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo react well to nutritional treatments.

And that strong Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio will react well to psychic healing treatment psychotherapy treatment, art therapy, or psychic healing treatment.

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