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MasterSoft’s Online Exam Software Has Everything That You Need For Your Institution

Online examination software has been witnessing huge demand due to the increase in digitization, the prevalence of the pandemic, and the growth of e-learning and distance learning- programs in institutes.

MasterSoft’s online examination software is a proctored solution for conducting exams remotely for students. The institutes have been looking forward to upgrading their exam operations using online means. If you are someone looking for the same, here are a few reasons why MasterSoft’s Online Exam software has everything that you need for your institution.

Online Evaluation-

MasterSoft’s online examination software helps the institutes to evaluate student performance automatically in the system just after they submit the exam. The system gives instant results based on the previously fed correct answers by the teachers in the software.

Remote Proctoring-

The online assessment system enables remote proctoring of students during the exams. The system monitors students in real-time using their device’s camera. It reduces the need for invigilators during the exam to keep track of student activities. It gives an instant pop-up to the students and teachers on noticing any unusual activity during the exam.

The software takes frequent screenshots of student activities and screens when they are attempting the exam. The system also disables the option for cut, copy, paste in the exam window and does not allow the students to open any other browser or tab.

Report Generation-

The online assessment software from MasterSoft enables easy report generation in required formats such as word, doc, PDF, and others. It enables the users to create customized reports as per their requirements in the institute.

The software eliminates the need to maintain documents and sheets of all the data generated by the students during the exam. It includes attendance data, student information, evaluation reports, feedback, exam fee reports, and others. It helps them to create accurate and efficient reports and export them as required just using a few clicks.

Student Authentication-

The online examination software checks for students’ authenticity as they register for the exam. The system collects all information about the students, contact details, personal information, ID, proofs and documents, mark sheets from the previous exam, admission confirmation, fee payment, and others.

The system also checks the student’s ID just before the exam to ensure that there is no impersonation happening during the exam.

Data Analysis-

The online examination software makes use of AI technology for data analysis. It helps them to take data-driven decisions from the previous data of several years. It involves capital investment reports, resource allocation reports, and others. Further, it enables the teachers to understand students’ performance and the problems faced by them collectively.

It also uses BI technology to give a statistical analysis of the generated reports for a better idea of the collected data.

High Security-

The online examination software by MasterSoft is based on a cloud platform offering a high level of security and ease of access to the users. The student’s information and confidential institute’s data are kept safe in the software for years.

The software also gives role-based access to the teachers and students depending on their responsibilities in the institute. It makes use of data encryption technology for better security and privacy of important data.


MasterSoft’s online examination software is a robust solution to conduct exams remotely. It helps institutes to conduct safe and secure examinations without the risk of question paper leakage or data manipulation in the system. The software is highly efficient and accurate in its operations. It is easy to use and operates on low bandwidth of the internet.

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