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Major Features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

customized crypto exchange platform development services

Are you planning to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform? If you are confused about what features to include in your crypto exchange to attract more users, you are at the right place.

Through this article, we are providing you with a list of major features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that you should incorporate while developing a digital platform.

Admin Panel

A dedicated admin panel is necessary for a crypto exchange platform as through this you would be able to manage the different operations. Through an efficient admin panel, you can handle all the operational aspects related to the crypto trading application.

Simple User Panel

For whom you are developing the crypto exchange? It is for your niche. But what if your target audience finds it difficult to use your digital platform? The whole of your efforts will go in vain.

That’s the reason, it is highly important to develop a user-friendly and simple panel of your crypto exchange platform. Due to this, more crypto traders will get attracted towards your digital platform, leading to great success for your project.

Multi-Lingual Support

Cryptocurrency is booming at a rapid pace. If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up, your goal should be to attract users from different parts of the world towards your crypto trading platform.

For attracting users throughout the globe, you must include the multi-lingual support feature in your digital platform so that users can complete crypto transactions using their mother tongue.

Crypto Wallet

If we talk of real money or plastic money, where do you keep the excess money? Obviously either in your wallet or in the bank.

In a crypto exchange platform also, a crypto wallet is necessary for storing, sending or receiving the cryptocurrency. You can choose to develop either a hot crypto wallet or cold crypto wallet as per your business requirements.


This is a must security feature of the crypto exchange platform that should be incorporated. KYC and APIs will be helping in verifying the users. Through such a security feature incorporated into your digital platform, you will be able to diminish or avoid fraudulent transactions.

Two-Factor Authentication

This is also a security feature that is very necessary to protect traders from losing their money. Two-Factor Authentication means that while logging into your account on a crypto exchange, you will be required to verify your identity through both emails as well as mobile numbers.

Another example of two-factor authentication could be using a password as well as a one-time code sent on a mobile phone.

Multi-Currency Support

Whether crypto traders will get attracted towards your crypto exchange platform if you are just supporting a single virtual currency or less numb of currencies. It is not possible to offer all the cryptocurrencies on a single exchange platform however, you should list at least 50-100 cryptocurrencies for attracting more users.

Why Choose Technoloader?

Technoloader is the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offering its services in every part of the world. They are possessing the finest team of blockchain developers who are skilled in offering proficient blockchain solutions. They have a huge list of satisfied clients for whom they have developed such as a crypto trading platform.

Technoloader provide customized crypto exchange platform development services which means you can add or remove any feature as per your business requirements. Even own crypto exchange like Binance using Binance Clone Script. Hiring them as your developer will help you in getting a competitive edge over your competitors.

For any further queries or a free demo, you can visit their official website.

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