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Looking for an AR 15 for Sale? 4 Alternative Calibers to Consider

If you are looking for the right AR 15 for sale, you probably already know why the rifle platform is so popular. The AR rifle family is accessory-friendly, ergonomic, and intuitive. One of the most popular features is its versatility. A “single” AR 15 can host dozens of different cartridges. Every cartridge has its own benefits. Some, like 300 Blackout, have developed a lot of buzz and popularity. While they may be less well-known, there are other calibers for the AR 15 rifle that definitely deserve more attention. Those include everything from speed demons like the 204 Ruger to massive thumpers like the 450 Bushmaster.

Finding the Perfect AR 15 for Sale

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when looking for an AR 15 for sale. Factors like cost, how often you plan to use it, and the caliber of ammunition it fires will all inform your choice. Finding a high-quality AR 15 for sale should always be a priority since it may host so many different calibers. The best option is to find the perfect AR 15 for sale among a huge selection of user listings on your favorite online gun marketplace. After you find the right AR 15 for sale, your next step is simply choosing the right caliber.

Exciting Newcomer – 6mm ARC

The 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) was only released by Hornady in 2020 but has already created plenty of excitement. 6mm ARC was created to provide an ultra-accurate, low-recoil long-range cartridge. Specifically, a cartridge compatible with the AR 15 platform. As a result, the cartridge has already developed a fervent fan base. Boosters of the new caliber insist that 6mm ARC is providing the sort of accuracy and range generally reserved for the AR 10. But it does so in this low-recoil AR 15-friendly package.

Blazing Velocity – 204 Ruger

The 204 Ruger has been referred to as “the king of velocity” due to the blistering ballistic performance it delivers. If you are looking for a caliber that offers far, flat, and fast shooting, you need the 204 Ruger. Along with that long-range performance, the 204 Ruger also features very little recoil. That makes accurate follow-up shots easier than ever.

Big Bore Thumper – 450 Bushmaster

While the AR 15 rifle platform has modest calibers that easily ring steel at hundreds of yards like 6mm ARC and 204 Ruger, it also hosts some bruisers. The 450 Bushmaster is the perfect example. A standard-sized AR 15 magazine can hold 30 cartridges of 223 Remington/556 NATO. The same magazine can only accommodate nine cartridges of 450 Bushmaster. This thumper has become popular in states where hunters can only use straight-walled cartridges. It is also respected as a protection option in grizzly country.

Plinking Potential – 22 LR

Along with very large calibers, an AR 15 can also be chambered for the famed diminutive rimfire 22 LR. An AR 15 in 22 LR is a first-rate option for training and for introducing a new shooter to the platform. It helps that it is also perhaps the least expensive way to shoot an AR 15. Perhaps the best reason to get an AR 15 chambered in 22 LR, however—the huge amount of fun you will have plinking with it at the range.

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