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Learn how to become an architect and set your career

Architecture is considered to be the conglomeration of art, engineering, and passion. Professional architects are no less than artists. They can create a remarkable design of an interior and can even convert open space into something marvelous. The skylines of the top cities in the world show how intelligent and creative these architects are.

Aspirants who want to become architects will have to pursue a professional course in the best B.Arch colleges in UP. A strong foundation of knowledge and creativity will be developed within these students for 5 years. It is said that this interdisciplinary course is very much enjoyable, knowledgeable, and fascinating for the students. They get to learn so many new subjects, visit locations for sightseeing, attend excursion programs held across the country to deliver knowledge regarding the historical and architectural bliss of our country, and work on projects together.

This is why students of architecture are always good friends. They easily make a great professional and personal network with such friends and eventually share excellent scope with each other.

If you want to become an architect, here is what you need to do.

Choose the best architecture college

The first step is to choose the best architecture college. Check your credibility, as well as, the eligibility criteria of the architecture colleges you want to enter. Make a list of the best B.Arch colleges in UP according to your merit level. Find out the process of admission followed by these colleges to prepare beforehand.

Many colleges ask for a selection test or follow the state or centrally conducted tests for scores. Check which colleges offer scholarships for such programs. Learn what you can gain from the course fees you will pay to those colleges. In a nutshell, find out what resources you can avail yourself of from the college infrastructure to become an avid architect.

Experts suggest choosing the best college suitable to your need. Make sure you consider the course fees as it will be a considerable amount at the end of 5 years. Make a financial plan to invest in your study and then proceed. Always choose a college that offers excellent placement support to all its students.

Pursue the course

After choosing the best college, start pursuing the course. Be active in the class and participate in attending all the lectures given by the professors. Remember you will have to create a strong foundation of knowledge in the core subjects to become the best architect in Lucknow. Check your curriculum and find out whether you can pursue side courses for skill development.

Modern architecture courses will offer hands-on skill development to learn different tools used for surveying, drawing, and executing projects. You will get to know how professional architects work with the engineers and other tradesmen in the team. Focus on developing industry-level skills. Seek internships with the top companies while studying in the top architecture college. This is how you should prepare for your academic journey. Gather as much knowledge as you can to develop your conceptual foundation.

Participate in the placement drives

Participate in the placement drives conducted by your college. Prepare beforehand and prove your employable skills to the top recruiters. Aim for the best companies visiting your campus to recruit fresh candidates.

Set your career on the right track from the very beginning to become the best architect in Lucknow. Choose an employer according to your credibility and take the first step in the college. Your decisions will ensure how your career will be shaped. Hence, analyze the opportunities coming your way. Find the best mentors in a reputed college to study and develop your knowledge base.

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