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Kind Of Services Offered By The Urgent Care North Hills

In Urgent care north hills, every patient is treated as a valuable guest. We take patients to our walk-in facility 30 minutes before its closing time. Our clinic works day and night throughout the week. Our medical care facility offers many facilities under one setup. Moreover, our medical care facility is affordable and accepts insurance plans such as Kaiser. We don’t hand lengthy bills to our patients for basic and acute illnesses or injuries. We believe in an affordable health care system. Our expert doctors make sure that every patient gets the best healthcare treatment within no time.

Services by urgent care north hills

The following are the services offered by urgent care north hills:-

1. Urgent care

Urgent care north hills immediate health care facility attends to patients that are in dire need of medical care, or else they can suffer from extreme health deterioration. Also, urgent care facilities don’t attend to patients who are in life-or-death situations. If you are facing such a condition, an emergency room can help you the best. Our urgent care provides the facility of ultrasound machines, etc. We also have a dispensary located within our clinic to help you. Our expert doctors can treat 80% of the medical conditions that are treated in ER (emergency rooms). Urgent care facilities provide medical assistance for cough, flu, fever, pediatric care, animal bites, asthma, broken bones, allergies, and muscle injuries. Moreover, they take a test like school physicals also.

2. Primary care

Primary care doctors’ first duty is to take care of their patients, so they stay away from hospitals and factors that cause health deterioration. They alarm their patients on time if they diagnose a disease that threatens their health. A primary care doctor performs a screening test and checkup. They refer to you and arrange appointments for you if they think you need more health. Primary care doctors incl犀利士
ude many specialists who do their best to bring good health care outcomes.
Primary care physician duties include; prescribing medication, taking medical tests, and taking care of open wounds and wounds that don’t heal. They perform many tests and run checkups, etc.

3. Online services

In the days of the corona, our medical team has also started the facility of online checkups. There are many easy online ways to clear your payments as well. People who think that getting out is not safe, or people who are in quarantine or suffering from corona, can easily have access to the best health care system. 

4. Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist treats many diseases and performs many tests and procedures on women. These procedures may include fertility procedures like IVF or help women suggest contraception. Also, they perform minor surgeries and help women deliver their children. Further, they help women suffering from UTIs or other vaginal infectious diseases. You can have free STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing at our clinic. They perform cancer diagnostic tests like a Pap smear test and breast cancer test. Other than this, our clinic also provides the facility of antibody testing, which is considered important as the world is facing a pandemic of coronavirus.


Urgent care north hills provide the best medical treatment for all. We believe in an affordable yet amazing healthcare system in which everyone has equal chances of getting treated. Our clinic treats patients with great dignity and responsibility. The doctors listen to your concerns and help you solve them in the comfort of your home. There are many services provided by our medical facility, which include urgent care, primary care, antibody testing, online services, and the facility of a gynaecologist. 


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