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Depression, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and other mental disorders are now may easily cure through neurofeedback therapy. It is one of the treatments that treat the brain of a person from above mention disorders. It aims to treat the brain, the way it responds to certain stimuli. The treatment that is effective for some patients who are affected by brain disorders. Neurofeedback therapy Maryland is still ongoing and it’s not a new thing to people in the world. Many people are getting cures from this therapy and multiple risks and advantages are also associated with this treatment.

How does it work?

The process of therapy includes the measuring process of a patient’s brain waves. So that one may know how its brain is doing and functioning. It is called neurofeedback because it controls certain body functions like brain waves, muscle contraction, heart rate, etc. It helps in teaching self-control over the brain. In biofeedback therapy, certain electronic instruments are also used. By the time the disorders patients start to understand their alarming state of brain. It helps patients to then take some rest over that duration like avoid any undesired situation in their daily common lives.

For whom this therapy is helpful?

Neurofeedback therapy helps in curing a lot of conditions and disorders of the brain. Like, such as autism, migraine, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and all the related issues that are link with the brain of the patient. Anxiety and depression is the most common disorder in the world. and every second person is affect by the so-called disorder. Anxiety when the brain got stuck in any certain state of mind. Then neurofeedback therapy helps in that condition to bring the patient’s mind back to the normal situation.

Benefits and effectiveness of therapy

Neurofeedback therapy helps in showing the brain’s reaction in real-time and also displays the working of the brain. It is also a very good treatment for those who are struggling with anger management. More sensitive people usually have mental disorders and it is effectively working for all those people. However it is still on the research side and more things are coming up with time, generally.

Is neurofeedback therapy harmful to the human body?

The therapy can only be effective if you go to any certified and qualified person. The person who knows everything about Neurofeedback therapy. There is no danger of harmfulness occurring through this therapy and yes there are some side effects that may affect the patient. The side effects include brain fog, headaches, nightmares, and feelings of anxiety. But this is nothing serious to worry about. It’s all just temporary. Especially it does not involve any kind of electrical shocks like other brain therapies involve.

What is the process followed in neurofeedback therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy is a complete process consisting of some sessions to treat brain disorders. The first step is to set some goals for the treatment. Identify the patient’s condition and the disorder he faces. The second step is to measure the activity of the brain. Here an electrode is place on the head of a patient. While the patient is then engage with different activities to monitor the brain functioning. The third is to start to give training to the brain where it is lacking. In the end, one should continue to monitor the brain’s activity and how it responds to the different situations in which a repeat of training occurs. If the brain is responding accordingly then it’s a good sign for the patient and the healer both.

Risks involve in neurofeedback therapy

It does not give any harm to the patient’s body. But a short-term risk is involve with it. It is to be assume that neurofeedback therapy sometimes never works for so long. It does not give the desire result which is to be expect. Sometimes it is also declare a waste of time and money. On the other side, it does not give any major harm to the body. Short-term side effects may occur temporarily only. Another thing that should be highly considered while going for therapy is to have a qualified person for treating his condition. So that the risk of failure becomes low.

Success rate

Moreover, according to surveys and research, the successful rate of neurofeedback therapy for certain conditions is 75% to 80% in the world. And people feel like doing these therapies when there is no other way of getting out of their traumatic conditions. To people for whom this therapy becomes effective has changed their quality of life and effectively gave them relief. It is also proven by many researchers that it is a non-invasive technique.

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