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Is it Necessary to Learn Python to Learn Django?


The question “Is it necessary to learn Python to learn Django?” comes to the mind of every beginner and professional developer who wants to get proficient with Django. It is a feature-rich and robust web application framework. It is the best choice for novices as it is a mature, well-organized, well-documented project with a fantastic community. Therefore, to learn this technology, it is necessary to have proper Django Training in Delhi. Though there are multiple sources to learn this popular technology, it is crucial to fulfilling specific prerequisites, which we will learn in this detailed article.

An Overview of Django:

While starting to learn Django, it is necessary to get familiar with the basics of Python. Jumping directly to learn this framework is not a great idea, and you will end up failing in this powerful framework. Instead of studying everything in Python, you should start with the basic concepts and then initiate to learn Django. Thus, begin by developing an application and seeing what kinds of real-world difficulties you encounter along the way. This way, you won’t have to spend much time learning Django and Python.

Concepts of Python in Context to Django:

The following are a few Python topics in the context of Django that you should become acquainted with.

●     Download Python and Learn Pip and Function

To start with, you must first download and install Python. After that, learn how to perform a basic pip install and install Django. After completing the installation, start working with the fundamentals.

●     Basic Concepts

If you are new to programming, you should start by learning the fundamentals of Python. Major Python basics include variables, data types, conditional expressions, and for-loops. Understanding these ideas is essential for progressing not only in Python but also in programming. These ideas are present in all programming languages. If you haven’t understood the basics of this framework, you will struggle a lot.

●     Iterables

After getting familiar with the basics, you’ll need to understand iterables. You can describe them as lists and tuples in Python. However, their objects let you iterate using loops or while loops. These objects are necessary to loop over a large quantity of data.

Moreover, you will spend most of your time in Django dealing with querysets. Query sets are objects, and you may think of them as storage. Furthermore, they have additional features that allow you to execute complicated operations like filtering, mutations, comparisons, and more. Query sets are more complex than lists, yet they act in the same manner since they are iterable.

●     Dictionaries

Dictionaries in Python hold data in key-value pairs. For instance, You may create an object with the first name, last name, and age. The dictionary can store all of the values. Moreover, in Django, you can add the ‘context’ to a template while working with dictionaries. Also, within an HTML template, you may access context information. In this framework, context is the idea of dealing with templates. That is why you should first learn it as a Python object.

●     Functions

In all programming languages, functions are crucial notions. You will be writing functions a lot when working with this powerful language. As a result, before getting into this framework, it is a good idea to understand functions and how they work.

●     Decorators

Learning decorators is not mandatory as it is not used frequently in an application. However, decorators provide additional functionality. It is easily shown in Django when login decorators are necessary. Also, you may use the existing decorators as you may learn them with ease.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled a few prerequisites which make learning Django easy. Though getting familiar with Python is not mandatory to learn Django, understanding the basic concepts of Python makes you proficient in Django applications. Therefore, to understand both Python and Django, it is necessary to go to Django Training Institute in Noida.

Riya Bhardwaj

I am Riya Bhardwaj, a dedicated blogger who enjoys writing technical and educational content on topics such as aws courses, machine learning, and artificial intelligence I believe in smart learning processes that help people better understand concepts, and writing is one way I do so. I always prefer writings that will assist tech students in advancing in their careers.

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