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Is a dental crown mandatory after Root Canal Treatment?

The dental crown is the last stage following treatment with Root Canal Treatment to cover the hole that was created in the tooth. In a procedure for a root canal in Gurgaon, the dentist first applies a small amount of pressure on the surface of the tooth. Dental professionals in Gurgaon remove the damaged pulp before cleansing the tooth’s interior to eliminate any pus. The dentist wraps your tooth using a dental filling or any other dental repair, such as crowns.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is an oral process that involves a dentist going into the tooth’s innermost part to prevent the risk of infection. The infection that is caused by the root of a tooth is known as pulpitis. It is caused by tooth decay when it is not treated. It also happens after a sudden collision damages teeth and creates irritation within the pulp. A tooth that requires root canal therapy could cause pain. However, the procedure will relieve all discomfort.

What is a crown for a tooth?

Following Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon, The dentist will take digital impressions of your mouth and transmits them electronically to a computer, ensuring absolute precision. The cap is made of porcelain to shield your tooth against further harm. It helps you live your life more easily without compromising your eating routines.

Do you really require a crown?

As well as protecting your teeth from further damage, it also improves your appearance. While the root canal treatment in front teeth might not require crowns for other teeth, it’s extremely important.

However, in the end, it is the dentist who decides on the necessity of dental crowns. But the back teeth are utilized for eating and can harm the fillings for dental use; therefore, it is recommended to have a dental crown.

Benefits of the use of Dental Crowns after RCT

In the course of root canal therapy, the small instrument is placed in the tooth’s middle to remove the damaged or diseased pulp. The remainder is cleaned, shaped, and filled with dental fillings. While root canals can protect teeth from decay because they remove the decay from them, they do not restore teeth to their original shape.

A few of the reasons you need to consider the dental crown following an RCT include:

  • Improves oral health: If the hole is not covered by crowns, then there is a chance that dental fillings fall out and the food gets through the tooth, causing dental problems.
  • Strengthens: As the tooth is unable to return to its original condition, It is recommended that you offer artificial support using dental crowns.
  • Avoid Infections Since it is composed of synthetic materials which are non-toxic, the risk of infection is negligible. Consequently, you will get more healthy teeth.
  • Guard against sensitivity: A root canal could cause nerves to become sensitive. Therefore using crowns, the possibility of developing sensitivity is reduced since food can’t reach your teeth.
  • Enhances the appearance of your teeth: Without the pulp, the tooth appears gray, which is why with a dental crown, the appearance is stunning.


There’s nothing to worry about if you require crowns. Contact Irvin Cosmetics and get the dental crowns following the tooth canal procedure. We offer high-quality crowns that last a long time and will help support the tooth that has been treated.

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