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Introduction to React JS: What are its Features & Benefits?


To begin with, React JS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library useful for creating highly interactive and efficient UI. It helps in developing UIs faster and uses component and data patterns to maintain larger apps.

Features of React JS:

React JS comes with a virtual DOM which helps to speed up the app development process and offers flexibility. In addition, this feature facilitates the replication of a web page in React’s virtual memory. The virtual DOM is a representation of the original DOM and whenever the app is modified or updated, the entire UI is rendered again by the virtual DOM.

Moreover, this approach results in reducing the time and cost taken for development. React JS uses JSX which is a markup syntax used to describe the appearance of the interface of the app. Furthermore, it is one of the best features that makes it super easy for developers to write the building blocks. To further know about it, one can visit React Full Stack Developer Training in Noida. Apart from these, given below are some of the features of React JS.

One-Way Data Binding:

React JS follows a unidirectional data flow, thus ensuring that developers use the callback feature to edit components. This approach helps in preventing them from editing components directly. Controlling of data flow provides developers better control over the app and makes it more flexible and effective.

Declarative UI:

React has a declarative user interface which makes it more readable and easier to fix bugs. This feature makes it one of the best platforms for developing exciting and engaging UIs.

Component-Based Architecture:

The UI of this platform consists of several components, and each of them has its logic written in JS. This feature allows developers to relay the data across the app without the DOM being impacted. Furthermore, it helps in deciding the app’s visuals and interactions.

Quick Rendering:

Developing a complex requires you to define the app structure. Virtual DOM plays a very important role here by testing the changes on it to determine the risk level with every modification before finalizing it. Thus, allowing developers to generate superior UX and high performance of the app.

Benefits of Using React for Full-Stack Development:

React JS has a quick learning curve which allows developers to complete their projects in record time. In addition, using this platform enables businesses to run online in minimal time. It helps in building rich UIs and allows you to provide users with exciting browsing and shopping experience. Moreover, it allows users to create custom components and unique components to suit their requirements. Furthermore, it allows developers to create high-volume apps and React Element trees from HTML mockups.

React JS allows reusing components and allows developers to redistribute the same digital objects. This approach ensures that the development phase does not become problematic even with frequent updates or modifications of components. It offers improved maintenance and growth of the code as every component comes with a unique internal logic. There are many React Full Stack Developer Training Institutes in Gurgaon and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using React for full stack Development.


It ensures super-fast rendering and brings done the load time of the page drastically. Thus, ensuring that businesses can rank themselves on the first page of Google searches.

Helpful Developer Toolset:

React JS comes with a variety of useful developer tools React and Chrome. These tools are beneficial for developers in discovering parent and child components, observing their hierarchies, and examining their present state.

Enhanced Code Stability:

This platform follows a downward data flow and ensures that the parent structure is not impacted by changes made to the child structure. Furthermore, it provides better stability of code and makes the app performance smooth.

Robust Community Support:

React has a strong community and there are innumerable React developers who upload text and tutorials online. Moreover, these developers contribute a lot towards improving the framework and making it even easier.

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