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Innovation And Creativity In Mobile Marketing – Consumer Perspectives

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Mobile marketing has gained a lot of importance in recent times. With a tremendous increase in the number of smartphone users over time, mobile marketing has become ubiquitous and inevitable. Therefore, every business needs to focus on its mobile marketing efforts to gain visibility amongst its customers. Some of the top digital marketing companies in India offer a good mobile app optimization package to help you have the right focus in your mobile marketing efforts.

Moreover, when we talk about mobile marketing, innovation and creativity go hand in hand. When you get in touch with a top digital marketing agency in Noida such as Digi Markets, you will notice how it makes use of innovation and creativity to offer you a perfectly tailored marketing strategy for your business. But before we jump to that subject, let us try to understand why innovation and creativity are really important.

How Can You Be Innovative & Creative With Your Mobile Marketing?


The main aim of every marketing campaign is to capture the attention of its clients. When you check out the best digital marketing company in Noida, you can analyze their marketing strategies. This will help you realize the importance of being creative and innovative. However, if you are new to the game and are looking for some tips and tricks, you can get some help here.

Here are some of the many steps that can help you be creative with your mobile marketing campaigns and grab the attention of more and more customers!

  • Use Your Imagination: In order to create a good mobile marketing campaign, you need to go beyond what you see. Use your imagination and think as your customer. What is it that you would like to get from a campaign? This approach will help you incredibly. Every time you design a campaign, just close your eyes and use your imagination.
  • Make Good Use of Videos & Photos: Visual ads go a long way if you compare them to text ads. So, you can try to make small summary videos that can give information while also capturing the attention of your customers. It is a known fact that retention after seeing images and videos is much higher than retention after seeing texts.

Additional Settings

  • Use of Modern Technology: Use of modern technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can be extremely useful. According to 49% of marketers, machine learning is likely to be an important aspect of the customer journey. Other than this, as many as 36% of them are already using artificial intelligence. Some other latest technologies necessary for mobile marketing are virtual reality, chatbots, augmented reality, and mobile payments. With the increase in mobile phone usage, it is extremely important to use innovation and diversify ad formats so that all kinds of target customers can be reached without any problems.
  • Offer Rewards: Offering rewards on videos can be very lucrative. According to research, more than half of the consumers say that they prefer watching rewarded videos and claim some small perks. However, it is not something that is actively used by many marketers. Hence, it is a valuable trick that is being missed by most marketers in the present times. According to research, around 71% of gamers actively choose to watch video advertisements in order to get access to some additional content or other in-app perks. Hence, marketers must use it actively to their advantage.

The Consumer In The Product Innovation Process

The trend toward customization is one of the most visible forces in today’s marketplace. The challenge is clear: offer products tailored to the final consumer. But the big question is: How do we do this? The answer is simple:  By opening innovation to interested people and turning final consumers into co-creators of the products/services they consume.

The consumer plays a vital role in the development of new products. But what exactly is their role? For a long time being, consumer studies were mainly focused on product improvement or competitive optimization. However, the scenario has changed now the bet is to incorporate consumers in all phases of the innovation process, from the generation of new product ideas, the development of new product concepts, prototype analysis, brand strategy, market test, commercial launch, acceptance monitoring, etc. In short, the consumer today is the absolute protagonist of the process of innovation, design, and development of new products.

To make this information available, we can rely on the “suggestions or complaints” channels. Besides, we can stimulate directly through meetings with consumers and the company itself. Company and customers must meet. Moreover, to study and analyze different perceptions about the process of product creation, there are different techniques available for end users.

Available Methods

Among the available methods, those based on the consumer’s observations are the most used for the identification of unsatisfied needs. But there are also other methodologies from which we can investigate and generate product ideas, such as creative group meetings that aim to detect needs and turn them into products.

Creativity techniques are the first step before innovating, and there are several ways to ensure that, when applied to a group, the potential for innovation grows. We present some of them:

  • Revolution Technique:Why not break the written and unwritten rules about a product? Provoke the group to be creative.
  • Re-Expression Technique:Change the way of expressing the form and uses of a product. See how to communicate the product in a different way.
  • Random Links Technique:Random words and concepts can lead us to new associations and connections regarding the product.

The application of techniques to stimulate creativity, necessary to innovate, through creative sessions with consumers, not only provides the company a new vision. This provides a fresh perspective about the end user, along with enabling the discovery of gaps that remained unnotice. In short, an unmet need can undoubtedly mean a good business opportunity.

How Can Digi Markets Help?

If you are looking for innovative and creative mobile marketing campaigns for your business, get in touch with Digi Markets. The company is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing and has a wide stream of loyal customers who continue coming back for more.

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