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Information on UAE Residence Visa Fees and Eligibility

UAE Residence Visa Fees and Eligibility

If you want to live in the UAE, you will need a UAE residence visa. This visa will allow you to live in the UAE with your family. The UAE government has made the residence visa Dubai application process as easy as possible for foreigners. You can complete the application at any famous visa processing company like Docman. Once you have the residency visa, you can apply for a visa for your family members.

If you wish to sponsor your family members, you need to prove that you have a stable income. It is not necessary to be a business owner or own a property, although you must be earning a salary that matches the visa amount. Moreover, the family members you want to sponsor must be married and earn a minimum of AED 5,000 or 8,000 per month. In addition, you must provide documents like a marriage certificate that has been translated into Arabic.

The UAE government is famous for issuing residence permits regularly. The application process is usually quick and can take as little as three weeks. The application process is simple, and there are only a few requirements for living in the UAE. In addition, it is easy to travel to the UAE. It is also home to world-class airports. It is possible to fly from almost anywhere in the world. In addition to getting a residence visa UAE within a few weeks.


Types of UAE Residence Visa

Depending on why you are traveling, different types of residence visa UAE exist. Consequently, there are the:


1. UAE Work Visa:

Which is for ex-pats who have a work permit and got jobs in the UAE.


2. UAE Student Visa:

Is given to foreign nationals who are admitted to educational institutions in the UAE.


3. UAE Family Visa:

The immediate family members of UAE residents or visitors.


4. UAE Investment Visa (Visa for Long-Term Residence):

Which is for ex-pats who invest a significant amount of money in the UAE. Comparatively speaking, this type of residence visa Dubai is for a longer period (up to ten years).


5. UAE Retirement Visa:

Which is for senior citizens from abroad who have the financial means to retire in the UAE.


7. Work Remotely From Dubai Program:

Future freelancers who wish to work remotely in Dubai.


Who Can Obtain A Residence Visa In The UAE?

You must fit into one of the categories listed in order to be eligible for a UAE residence visa:

  • However, You will job in the United Arab Emirates for a public agency or a private business
  • You will attend a school in the UAE to pursue your education
  • You are a dependent of a foreign or UAE national (any close relative, child, maid, or Parents Visa Dubai)
  • Or, You invested in the United Arab Emirates
  • You have made an investment in the UAE property market
  • Your retirement will be in the UAE


Process for Residence Visa Dubai

Before you arrive, you can begin the registration process online. The eChanel website is an excellent place to register and start the application process. In addition, you can go to the Dubai residence portal to apply for a residence visa. After registering and applying for residence, you must go through security checks and a medical examination. You should also apply for an Emirates ID card.


Benefits of UAE Residence Visa

Foreign nationals who intend to live and perform in the UAE for a prolonged period of time must obtain a UAE Residence Visa. There are numerous advantages to having a residency visa for the UAE, including:

  • A bank account can be opened
  • A bank loan is available (personal or car loan)
  • Several nations are accessible to you without a visa
  • You can choose to have your kids attend public or private schools
  • A license to drive is available
  • Both public health services and medical insurance are available to you


Residence Visa Renewal in Dubai Before It Expires

You have 30 days before your residence visa expires to have your sponsor renew it. However, if it is still within the residence visa expiry fixed term. Your sponsor also applies for residence visa renewal after it has expired. Similar to when you first received your visa, your sponsor must submit an application to the relevant emirate’s general directorate of residency and foreign affairs. Here, is isposting blog.

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