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Important Tips to Keep in Mind for Motorcycle Maintenance

Driving a motorcycle is super cool and exciting but what about its maintenance? Motorcycle maintenance isn’t rocket science. When it comes to motorbikes, a little do-it-yourself preservation can help you save money while also keeping you safe. Motorcycle safety inspections ensure that your bike is roadworthy.

Here are some pointers to help you master motorcycle maintenance and keep your bike in good shape:

Change the oil

Proactively changing a vehicle’s oil will help the engine continue to perform at its optimum and save drivers money in the long run. The oil level in your engine should always be full so keep it at the appropriate fill capacity. Check the owner’s manual to learn what particular weight and type of oil the vehicle requires. If you own a new or used motorcycle, changing the oil at regular intervals is critical. As regular oil changes enhance the longevity of your motorcycle engine.

Check the tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure is critical to riding safely. Locate the valve stem on the inside of the wheel, remove the cap, and place an air pressure gauge on the valve stem. If the pressure is too low, you risk a flat tire. The tire may also blow out at high speeds and too much pressure may compromise the bike’s handling. It is recommended to inspect your tires and check your tire pressure before every journey.

Maintain the bike chain

Your bike’s chain is critical to its overall safety and longevity. It is crucial to oil your chain after each ride, or at least every other ride. If your chain appears to be producing noise and cleaning does not stop it, you will need to replace it. If you keep your chain lubed and washed regularly to prevent grit from getting inside, it will last much longer and shift and sound better.

Change the coolant

Another area that must be checked regularly to ensure that the bike does not overheat is the engine’s cooling system. Because all motorcycle engines are constructed of aluminum alloys, make sure you use an engine coolant designed for them. Coolant liquid deteriorates over time so it should be replaced at least every two years or after covering about 24,000 miles.

Clean/change the air filter

The air filter of a motorcycle keeps particles out of the engine. Your bike’s performance will decrease if it is clogged and unclean. Dirty air filters lead to increased fuel consumption and power loss. Replace or clean it if it appears filthy and clogged. If you overlook a dirty air filter for too long, the engine will eventually fail to start.

Replace oil filter

Dirty engine oil includes a lot of particles that can damage the engine and lower mileage. Oil filters are not typically reusable and cannot be cleaned. Washing oil filters could cause engine failure. Replace the oil filters to ensure that the quality of the oil passed through the engine is maintained.

Maintenance of brakes

On the road, your brakes are your first line of defense. Motorcycles feature up to two brake fluid reservoirs, one for the front, which is often located on the handlebars, and one for the rear. Both should be checked regularly. It is critical to inspect your brake fluid regularly to ensure that it is clean and at the proper levels.

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Final Thoughts

Do you want your bike to be ready to ride at all times? Motorcycle maintenance is essential for promoting safe driving conditions and extending the overall lifespan of your motorcycle. Motorcycle Servicing Southend should be approached as they have the finest policy for breakdown prevention.

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