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Importance of Memorizing Quran: Here are the quirky 10 benefits

Quran is an integral part of Islam. To achieve ultimate benefits and solve everyday life problems, memorizing is indispensable. One can lead a very beautiful life after memorizing Quran; in fact, one can take Quran memorization classes for crystal-clear learning that help one reach the eternal level of peace and love.

Memorizing Quran can also be done for the sake of Allah’s happiness and showing a reward or gratitude, so learning Quran brings in manifold benefits here are some explained.

  • One will attain Paradise memorizing Quran

Well, what can be a more noble act than memorizing the Quran as it takes a lot of effort to learn it flawlessly. It is a great responsibility and must be done by keeping even a little step in mind. It is believed that who memorize Quran is blessed by Allah and Paradise has been promised for those who memorize Quran by Allah Subhan Watala. The best part of memorizing the Quran is that you don’t have to step out of your home, you can memorize Quran online anytime and anywhere.

Allah said: Read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection.

  • The blessings count on the relatives as well

Allah just not blesses the ones who memorize Quran but even the relatives as well. The blessings pass on to the family as well as Allah promised to bless the seven generations of the family who memorize the Quran. So, it is not just for an individual but the whole family can enjoy the abundance of blessings. If someone is praying regularly and reciting the ten verses then he is considered consistent and obedient to Allah and will be added to the list of people who will receive huge rewards.

  • Each day a better relationship grows

When you start memorizing Quran you reach a higher level of connection. Each day a better relationship grows and keeps on becoming stronger day by day. The bond between you and Allah is eternal and once this bond is made, there is no need for any other bond or any other temporary relationship. You will end up with every relationship one day but Allah promises to heal your pains and relieve your soul by filling it with Noor.

  • A heart filled with eternal peace and love

It is believed who memorize Quran become soft-hearted as they get to know the real things and struggles. Memorizing Quran means a promise to have eternal peace throughout the afterlife. Afterlife is said to be tough as one gets the results of all the deeds. On this day, you have to answer what you have done, this is where Quran memorization helps in relieving the pain and adding good deeds to the list.

  • You get to know the right path

The Quran is all about Allah Almighty’s words and is a source of guidance to mankind. It helps you in making the right decisions and clear all the hurdles from your path. One can attain all the success in life by making the right decisions. This is the most basic point that you will learn in your Quran memorization classes as well. As Allah said:

“This is the Book (The Quran) about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.”

  • Understand the meaning & importance of existence

Learning Quran will help you understand the purpose of your existence and the meaning of living a life. Quran will give insight into living life and serving yourself to Allah. The Holy Quran verses speak about human existence and its value to the whole universe. It brings the importance of worshiping to understand why this world is made.

  • Go into the depth of Islam with Quran Memorization

Memorizing Quran is one of the ways to reach another level of Islam. You can have the deepest learnings and knowledge about Islam. It is pure and untouched. There isn’t anything edited in the Quran, so no one can bring any changes to it, thus giving clear information about Islam.

  • Allah wants the best for your children

The most important part of the Islam religion is the learning and memorization of Allah’s book- the Quran. It is said that Allah wants the best for the children and the understanding of the religion is providing the best knowledge. Also, Quran is the first source of legislation.

  • Raise your status by memorizing Quran

Excelling in Quran will raise your status in the eyes of Allah. You can become one of the people on the list to look best in front of Allah and not just self-teaching but to others as well. This has come out from the believers that the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said-

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

  • Practicing hard, get double rewards

It is said in Quran that the one who reads and memorizes Quran will connect with Islam best. The love and likeness for the one who tries hard to learn and memorize the Quran increases in the eyes of Allah. So, if in case you are having difficulties in learning the Quran and still not losing the spirit of giving up on learning then you get a double reward. No matter how many struggles you face in memorizing Quran you will be getting double rewards. Subhanallah!

Wrapping it up

Memorizing Quran has not just 10 benefits but many. Memorizing Holy Quran is the best way to achieve salvation and bring benefits in daily living. Memorize Quran online will help in memorizing Quran in the best way and letting you apply all the key lessons in living. Not just today or the future but the afterlife also gets better with Quran learning.

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