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Importance of help desk technician:

Help desk technician provider for technical support for computer systems, hardware and software. As a technician, you are responsible for responding via email, chat or phone and providing technical support to customers using computer systems, hardware and software.

To be a successful help desk technician company, you must be able to specialize in all aspects of computer system installation, installation and repair. You must have good communication and personal communication skills.

Help desk technicians role:


  • Diagnose and fix computer problems.
  • Installation and training of new technology for end users.
  • Communication services by phone or online.
  • Copy and restore the data file.
  • Hardware repair and software configuration for operating system configuration.

The contractor must have both technical and personal skills, because the job requires strong technical knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively with others. For example, if an employee has a question, the support agency should be able to diagnose the IT problem and explain the solution to the employee. You can read about the daily life of the technical support staff here.

What does help desk technician do?

Almost every company that manufactures or uses sophisticated computer programs needs professional desktops. When customers or colleagues contact you due to a technical problem, Technical Assistance diagnoses the problem, corrects it, and resolves the issue. They often receive calls or emails from users who have problems with certain parts of the advanced system. By listening to information about the problem and getting information about the user-controlled system or program, the technician will make an effort to resolve the issue.

The technician will suggest different ways to solve the problem until it is solved. In the unlikely event that the problem persists, the rescuer can often hide the problem from a senior caregiver and suggest that they work for as long as possible. solves the problem completely. Help desk technician staff often work around the house at a desk, and often, technicians work side by side in the same type of work. Experienced professionals are trained to solve a variety of problems and often try to solve problems that original (usually minor) experts do not solve immediately.

These technicians usually work under the supervision of a project manager or project manager. Because customers and employees can get into trouble at any time, it is important that help desk technician is working full-time, even on weekends. This plan is usually coordinated by the supervisor, taking into account the needs of both the company and the professionals.

It is important for service providers to have a single friendly phone with advanced technical knowledge. Many degrees require a four-year university degree in a major field, such as computer science or information systems management. Some positions require only a high school diploma and certification, such as an A + or MCSE.

Help desk technician services:


  • Answer by phone, email, in person or by logging in.
  • Assists in the delivery, installation, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer systems, hardware and software.
  • Training of IT professionals.
  • Train other employees in problems and solutions.
  • Ask for customer feedback to improve your training methods.
  • Writing and editing manuals.
  • Prepare reports and identify common complaints and problems.
  • You need technical assistance:
  • Computer science or related exams.
  • Extensive knowledge of control computer systems, hardware and software.
  • Good problem solving, analysis and teamwork.
  • Good communication and social skills.
  • Open to learning new technologies.


How to become a Help desk technician?

While formal education can help you get a job, you do not need a college degree to be a help desk technician representative. Information technology certification indicates your ability to perform the task. CompTIA A + is the most commonly accepted certification by customers.


Average salaries and wages for Help desk technician salary is $ 54,760 per year and $ 26.33 per hour (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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