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Impact of Diabetes on Vision- Time to Visit Your Retina Specialist

Hyperglycemia or diabetes has toxic effects on the body including the eyes too. If one gets tested positive for diabetes, he/she/they should start seeing a retina eye specialist for regular testing.

High blood sugar can become the cause of blurry vision, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy. Simply, diabetes is the prime concern of blindness in adults.

When blood sugar goes high, it affects the eyes. High glucose can change fluid levels or lead to cause swelling in the tissue of the eyes. An eye specialist can tell you if there is any change in the vision or the tissue of your eyes. The blurry vision is not permanent and it goes away once glucose level becomes normal in the body.

If treatment doesn’t help the blood glucose or if it is prolonged, it can cause damage to the tiny blood vessels in the back of the eyes. After damaging blood vessels, new weak vessels start to grow. The new weak blood vessels can rupture into the middle part of the eye, scar the ocular area, and can cause high pressure inside the eye. A retina eye specialist can help in detecting problems before the issue goes out of your hand.

Three major diseases surface after diabetes: 

> Blurry Vision

Before buying new glasses, do consult the best eye hospital in Delhi. The blurry vision could be a small problem or it could be caused by high blood sugar.

To correct the vision, one needs to get the blood glucose or sugar back to the normal range. The healing time may take three months to bring the vision fully back to normal. After consulting a retina specialist, he/she can tell you if it is a serious problem other than diabetes.

> Cataracts

A cataract is a condition where the eye lens gets cloudy like a smudged window. Anyone can develop cataracts, but people with diabetes can get them earlier and faster. A cataract specialist can help you in this situation of blurred vision and glare.

> Glaucoma

Individuals who have diabetes, are more prone to glaucoma. A retina eye specialist can explain the condition to the patients. When the eyes don’t get rid of fluid because of extra pressure inside them, it leads to nerve and blood vessel damage and brings vision changes.

Other symptoms happen while having glaucoma such as:

> Headaches

> Eye ache/Pain

> Blurred eyes

> Watery eyes

> Vision loss

> Halos and glares

Most diabetics should consult a retina eye specialist once a year for a comprehensive eye checkup. Based on your type of diabetes and the period after your diagnosis, your best retina specialist in Delhi may recommend a different approach. To consult the best eye specialist in Delhi regarding diabetic vision issues, please contact Viaan eye and retina centre for an appointment. Dr. Neeraj Sanduja will guide you through the procedures and your ailments. We have extensive experience in dealing with retinal issues with ultra-modern eye equipment.

Viaan Eye & Retina Centre is regarded as the best eye hospital in Delhi with a highly equipped team of doctors to carry out all types of ophthalmic surgeries and diagnosis.


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