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ij.start.canon-How do I fix error 5011 on my canon?


This Canon printer error code 5100 tells about the presence of an issue in the ink cartridge, chiefly connected with the sticking of the cartridge carriage.
Thus, in the event that you are generally disapproving of your Canon printer then unwind.
This article will help you with straightforward and simple strategies to dispense with this ij.start.cannon error code.

Causes of Canon Printer Error 5100 –

There are assorted purposes behind the event of Canon printer error 5100 on your framework. Realizing the specific causes will help in applying the appropriate arrangement.

Spots of Soil and Garbage –

At the point when the outside piece of your printer isn’t covered then soil and debasements get stopped up in the printer which causes various obstructions and issues in your printer and Ordinance printer error, 5100 is one of them.

Counterfeit printer cartridge –

A defective or phony or unauthentic printer cartridge causes Canon printer error 5100. A few clients have experienced this justification behind the event of Ordinance printer error 5100.

The tainted print head and irksome ink safeguard –

On the off chance that you don’t spotless the print top of your print device reliably then soil and contaminations will get stopped up which can produce Ordinance printer error 5100.
On the other hand, on the off chance that your ink safeguard is problematic then this will likewise make this Ordinance printer error 5100.

Misleading paper size and thickness –

On the off chance that you have the wrong paper size and thickness, your printer will be set off to produce this Canon printer error code so you need to reset your settings or change the paper thickness.
Additionally, in the event that any paper stalled out in your Canon Printer Drivers then it will likewise set off this Ordinance printer error 5100 code.

Inappropriate ink cartridge establishment –

On the off chance that your ink cartridge hasn’t been introduced as expected then it will cause the event of Canon printer errors 5100 code.
This code cautions you to have an appropriate ink cartridge establishment.

Phony or terrible fine cartridge –

In the event that you have a phony or irksome FINE cartridge then there is more possibility that you will confront this Canon printer error 5100 code.

Methods to Rectify Canon Printer Error 5100 –

Reset your ink cartridge –

• The ink cartridge is the most essential piece of the Canon printer. Indeed, even the smallest shortcoming can cause the brokenness of the entire printer.
• On the off chance that the ink cartridge isn’t arranged appropriately then it produces the individual error codes.
• Therefore resetting your ink cartridge is critical.
• Follow underneath moves toward resetting your ink cartridge
• To begin with, turn off your Canon printer from its AC connector.
• Separate all USB associations.
• Take out your printer’s cartridge entryway and take out the ink cartridge.
• Set out the ink cartridge in the fundamental channel of the chip resetter.
• Guarantee that the cartridge chip line up with the resetter’s contact plates and both are associated actually.
• Cautiously press and hold down the cartridge for a few moments.
• Presently the register will show a Drove light a few times to guarantee its contact with the cartridge chip.
• At the point when the light turns out to be consistent, take out the cartridges and back into your printer.
• Module back your USB and switch on your printer.
• The blunder should be settled subsequent to executing this cycle.

Execute a hard reset –

• Closing down your Ordinance printer and executing a hard reset is a choice to reset it and resolve the ij.start.canon error 5100 code.
Follow beneath ventures for this –
• Switch off the printer.
• Disengage the air conditioner connector and hang tight for 10 minutes approx.
• First tap and hold the power button and afterward continue it to execute a hard reset.
• Quit tapping the two buttons subsequent to seeing the startup light of your device.

Clean the printing strip –

• In the event that you get the opportunity to take advantage of the internal of your Group printer, you will track down a white plastic strip inside it.
• At the point when that print strip becomes grimy, you will confront the Canon printer error code 5100.
• Fortunately, strip cleaning is one of the least difficult and simplest techniques to determine this issue.
• You just need to open your printer and confirm to see regardless of whether the printing strip is perfect.
• On the off chance that it’s not cleaned then clean it by utilizing a spotless dry fabric.
• In the wake of doing this, nearby your printer and have a go at printing again to check regardless of whether the issue actually exists.

Remove jammed paper pieces –

• Paper jam is the other issue that can cause your Canon printer to error code 5100.
• Follow underneath moves toward doing this –
• Switch off your Group printer and disengage its AC connector.
• Dispose of your printer’s paper yield cover.
• Confirm to check whether there’s any paper sheet installed into the tape. Assuming that there exist, take them out.
• In the wake of doing this, the following point is the ‘FINE Cartridge Holder’.
• Appropriately shift the FINE cartridge holder and dispose of all paper pieces around the spot.
• Embed a new paper and attempt to utilize your printer like you typically would.

Take off dirt and impurities from your printer –

• As referenced above, residue and pollutants can cause different brokenness. You should have a dry, delicate material and a scouring liquor to clean the internal parts appropriately.
• Follow the beneath moves toward cleaning your Ordinance printer –
• Change off your printer and separate it from the power source.
• Take your delicate, clean material and use it to clean the printer’s outside to stay away from additional contaminations inside the printer while cleaning the inside.
• Subsequent to doing this, utilize a different build up free, spotless, and delicate fabric and put some scouring liquor on it.
• Presently utilize the clammy fabric to clean the inside of your printer yet guarantee you gently move any equipment.
• Set aside some margin for the cleaning process.
• After this, resolve any back you have taken out and associate the printer and have a go at printing once more.

Reset your printer’s ink absorber –

• The ink safeguard is an essential of a printer that aids in retaining waste ink. In most extreme cases, a straightforward reset of the ink safeguard will determine this issue.
• Follow the underneath moves toward resetting your Canon printer –
• Close down your printer and detach it from the power source.
• Sit tight for quite a while, then tap and hold the power button without interfacing back the air conditioner connector.
• While holding the power button, associate the air conditioner connector with the power source.
• Move away from the power button and hang tight for quite a while.
• first utilize your printer to confirm the presence of the error.

Verify your printer’s pathway –

• This issue can exist when the cartridge has a conflicting or prevented development. In the event that the cartridge doesn’t work as it should then the printer’s pathway could become thwarted too.
• In this way, guarantee your printer’s pathway is free and your cartridge moves the manner in which it ought to.
• Confirm your cartridge to check whether there’s a block making it move conflictingly.

Altering your ink cartridge –

The Canon printer error 5100 produces because of an inappropriate ink cartridge change. Changing your ink cartridge and guaranteeing it exists successfully can tackle this issue.
Follow the underneath steps –
• Open your printer’s cartridge board and dispose of each variety bundle in the printer.
• Presently perfect the cartridge space and appropriately re-introduce each variety bundle in turn.
• Subsequent to reinstalling the bundles, guarantee that they are sitting really and minimalistically in their committed spaces.
• Attempt a test print to check regardless of whether your printer will work without the error code.



If you have purchased a Canon printer, then you have made the smart choice. However, to get your printer device running and functioning smoothly, users must visit ij.start.cannon.

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