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How will you install porch screening? Read to know the whole process!

Porch Screening

You always adjust your porch areas at home according to the weather conditions. These areas are always connected with nature, providing natural air. Porch screening offers the opportunity to get in touch with your neighbors.

But the warm weather and porches are also favorites of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. You may reclaim that area by installing a screen on the porch, which is entirely free of bugs and other annoyances.

A screen will be constructed in two steps. You must create the porch first if it is unavailable in your home. Second, install modular screens to enclose the porch. It will be easier for you to manage your time, money, and energy if you think of this endeavor as two distinct processes.

Now, let’s discuss how you will install the screen in your porch area.

Make a proper calculation.

You can use a Porch screening kit for the best results. Focus on avoiding the stapling and use these tools for the perfect look.

You need to calculate the exact width and height. Measure the same and draw it as a rough sketch. It will help you in getting the exact idea of your screen.

By doing a proper calculation, your porch screen will get the best shape & if you do not do this, it might affect the shape & size of the screen you are installing.

Select the material type

There are various types of material when discussing screens; you need to choose one from them. Fiberglass screens are the most popular among all. It is very cost-effective and gives an amazing look to where you will use them.

You will find them very easy to install because their material is very flexible. It is not as easy to tear as like the other screen material.

Install the base strips

When you have decided on all the materials and calculated the perfect measurement of your porch screening, start by removing the old screen and any hardware or bolts that held it to the building.

Onto the porch’s wood structure, fasten the base strips that have been trimmed to size. Use drywall screws or 1-inch wood screws put into each base strip slot.

To attach foundation strips to the wood frame, use a drill equipped with a screwdriver. Take care not to overtighten the screws as this could result in warping.
Base strips are butted against one another at corners; mitering is unnecessary.

Attach the screen to the frame

Use the measured screen to attach it to the frame that you made. Use a spline screen which is made of hard rubber, to make it fit the base strips. These strips have a tight grip and can easily fit into any screen frame.

The size of the spline is based on the material the screen is made from. You can fix the size by following a few steps. These are-

With the knife tool, please select the size, and cut it with a larger size than each opening.
By using the spline rolling screen, roll the screen into a grove.
Keep the screen fabric tight to make it more fit to the frame.
Now you can move both sides of the screen. Keeping the screen centered open.
For the perfect result, roll down the screen roller horizontally. This will give it a tighter look.
You can trim the remaining area outside the frame for the perfect look.

Install the strips

You need to fix the cap strips in that area where the screen is attached to the base strips. You need to gently tap the screen in a rubber mallet to place it properly once the caps are placed into the base strips.

This will allow you to give a trimmed and Porch screening look. You can easily adjust it in future if it may get affected by any medium.

The method of how you will do the porch screening is much the same as the screen on a patio. Porch screen kits and panel panels for porches can also be used for patio applications if an existing roof exists.

To get these results perfectly, you must hire professionals.

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