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How to write Numbers in IELTS

Numbers inside the Listening take a look at


In IELTS Pakistan Listening, you’re tested on your ability to concentrate for and write the numbers you hear within the recordings. you are maximum probably to encounter numbers in the first part of the Listening take a look at, however they could appear in any of the 40 questions.

you might listen numbers in the following forms






telephone numbers

credit card numbers

quantity inside the speakme check

whilst regarding numbers within the speaking test, make certain you practice announcing them out loud. for instance:

one hundred,000 = 100 thousand

2020 = thousand and twenty OR the 12 months ‘twenty twenty’

3,500 = three and a 1/2 thousand

Numbers within the reading take a look at

with regards to numbers in IELTS analyzing, consider to carefully transfer your solutions to the answer sheet, mainly when there are a couple of zeros. If the number includes forex symbols or commas, make sure you replica it in the identical way.

Numbers in the Writing take a look at

you might want to use numbers while providing statistics in academic Writing project 1. you may either write the quantity in word form or as offered within the visual diagram. as an example:

10,000 OR 10000

25% OR twenty-5 percent

75% OR 3⁄4

in conjunction with writing precise numbers, it’s also useful to write approximations while the exact


numbers are not offered. as an instance:
simply above sixty five%

beneath 70%

Over half

nearly 25%

Numbers may be offered in tens, hundreds, thousands, thousands and thousands and billions. it’s far essential to note which variety is being noted within the Y-axis of the diagram.

whilst relating to a general range, you can write ‘hundreds of thousands’, however, while it’s a particular quantity, you have to write ‘million’. as an example:

millions of bucks were spent on transportation.

Australia spent 20 million dollar.

hearing difference among numbers

quantities that lead to -teen and -ty are used frequently on the subject of numbers along with age, yr, and simply counting how many.

listening to the distinction between, for instance, 13 and 30, is a need as they have got similar ending sounds. The pleasant manner to listen the distinction is to word the syllable pressure.

The remaining syllable ‘teen’ is harassed, whereas ‘ty’ is frequently unstressed.

13 – 30: thir teenager – thir ty

14 – forty: four youngster – for ty

15 – 50: fif teenager – fif ty

16 – 60: six youngster – six ty

17 – 70: seven teen – seven ty

18 – eighty: eigh youngster – eigh ty

19 – 90: 9 teen – nine ty

a way to write foreign money

dollars ($) and pounds (£) are the 2 most normally used sorts of foreign money in IELTS.

you can pick out to write forex as:

phrases (e.g ‘bucks’ or ‘pounds’)

currency symbols (e.g. $ or £)

whilst paying attention to amounts, numbers can be stated in exclusive ways.


As correct spelling is important within the Listening take a look at, an awesome tip is to write down the numeral you pay attention, in place of writing the whole phrase. for example:

$four.50 = 4 dollars fifty cents

£four.50 = 4 pound fifty pence

a way to write measurements

you could pay attention different measurements to your test. as an instance, you might pay attention measurements as:




you could abbreviate the phrase whilst writing these measurements as numbers. for example, you can write 60 kilometres as:


Sixty kilometres


all the bureaucracy noted above are correct methods to put in writing measurements. at the same time as you may write numbers in all of the above formats, it’s miles fine to avoid writing the numbers out as phrases to avoid spelling mistakes. Write inside the range form rather.

a way to write dates

March 5th

Mar 5th

fifth of Mar




Be careful with ordinal numbers. most ordinal numbers cease with ‘th’ except for:


1st (first)

2d (2nd)

third (third)

4th (fourth)

5th (fifth)

the way to write time


6:forty five = Six forty-five OR area to seven

6:15 = Six fifteen OR zone beyond six

6:30 = Six thirty OR 1/2 beyond six

the way to write cellphone and credit card numbers

There are a few matters to consider with a sequence of numbers, specially in cellphone or credit score card numbers.

A zero (zero) can from time to time be call ‘O’, like the letter. also, the same range two times or 3 instances in a row may be call double or triple. as an example:

2450 – 7762 – 3338 = Double seven/ Triple three

03 9658 9914 = ‘O’ 3 / Double nine

Numbers can sense unimportant, however they play an vital function in the English language, and your IELTS check. make certain you could write and say them efficaciously so one can get the high-quality viable score.

exercise reading, writing, talking and listening for those exceptional range codecs whilst preparing to your OET Pakistan test, and do not forget them for your take a look at day.


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