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How to Use a voopoo coil to Make Rings

No one knows about the long-term vaping effects, but for now, it will never be wrong to say that vape coils is the best alternative to smoking. According to the research, voopoo coil are considered 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. No harmful elements like tar and carbon monoxide are involved in the vape devices.

There are two basic types of vapes. One is reusable, and the other is a disposable vape. These devices could be your best option if you are a new vaper and have just started your vaping journey. Vaping is attractive not only to adults but the middle-aged person because geek vape coils vaping helps quit smoking. You can kick out smoking from your life by starting vaping. You can enjoy producing vapour and making rings by using vape devices.

Creating O Rings Is Easy:

Making O rings is not much difficult. You can easily make them, but you just need to do some practice. With practice, you will be able to make the O ring in a bit of time. If you want to become a pro in making rings, you just need to follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • The first and most important thing you can do is practice. Without practice, you will not be able to make the O shape rings. The best way to do this is to roll your lips so that you are making the sound of “ooo”. Do this practice for some time.
  • The next step is taking a puff. You need to bring your disposable vape device closer to your mouth. Keep your lips on the mouthpiece of the device and inhale the vapour.
  • Keep your mouth close, and slowly draw your tongue to the back of your throat. While doing this, ensure your tongue’s tip points downwards to the bottom of your mouth.
  • It’s time to make the O rings by putting your lips into action.

Easy To Carry Vape Devices:

Whether it is a reusable or disposable vape, you can enjoy using them. Many people are using these vape devices to wipe out smoking from their lives. If you are a new vape, you can use this vape because you can easily carry them. These vape devices are small in shape, so you can keep them in your pocket or your hand while walking or travelling. You can not only make the O shape rings with these vape devices, but you can make different shaped rings.

On the other hand, reusable vapes are suitable for regular vapers. You can enjoy more freedom while using these vapes. You can add your favourite e-liquid to your vape device and keep the nicotine strength according to you.

Advanced Vapes For Thick Clouds:

Most people are more attracted to thick vapours. Thick vapours help make the different shaped rings. You can use advanced vape devices to produce thick vapour, and if you are using reusable vapes, you can add an extra amount of VG to produce more vapours. You can make more rings if the vapours are thick. So, using advanced vapes is also helpful in making the rings.

In A Nutshell:

Practice is mandatory for making the rings with the vape. If you want to make the O rings, you need to roll your lips like you are producing the sound “ooo”. Do this practice for some time.

After this, you need to bring your disposable vape device closer to your mouth and take a puff. Keep the vapour in your mouth for some time, and then exhale with the rolling lips. Doing this can make an O ring with your vape device.

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