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How to Troubleshoot the Verizon Email Not Working Problem?

If your Verizon email isn’t replying to you, take each of the following actions, one at a time, to fix the problem:

1. Improve your web browser

In order to optimize, you need to regularly clear junk files, cookies, browsing history, and cache memory. Consequently, remove your web browser’s browsing history. Log back into your Verizon Email Not Working Problem to see if the problem has been resolved. If not, you can continue to the next option.

2. Disable Antivirus or Firewall

  • We routinely install antivirus software or firewalls to protect our gadgets from viruses and online threats. Verizon email services might not be accessible if a firewall or antivirus program is running.
  • Therefore, if your Verizon email isn’t working, disable the firewall or antivirus software on your device.

Verizon Email Server Configuration: In POP3

  • The “POP3” incoming mail server’s configurations are pop.verizon.net and port 995.
  • Smtp.verizon.net and port 465 are the configurations for the “SMTP” outgoing mail server.

3. Reset the Password

Even if you are logging into your Verizon email with the right password, someone else can already have access to it. From a security perspective, it is suggested that you change the password for your Verizon email. Additionally, the subsequent actions can still be useful if you’ve lost your password.

  • To change your password, sign in to your Verizon email.
  • Click “next” to select it.
  • Choose “forgot password” from the menu now.

When asked for recovery information, you can either give your phone number or a different email address. Using these details, you can get the temporary login verification code.

Verizon Email App Not Working on Mac:

Another potential cause of the issue could be AOL Verizon email not working on the Mac. Ideally, you should:

  • Click “add account” after navigating to the application folder, choosing the file choice from the menu.
  • When Windows starts, select IMAP, and then fill out the fields for the account description and email address.
  • Following the entry of your Verizon email address and password, you must enter the outgoing email server settings.
  • Then, after tapping the authentication box, simply hit “Continue” to continue.

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Verizon Email Not Working on iPhone: 

Before attempting to fix the Verizon Aol iPhone not working problem, make sure your internet connection is working correctly.

  • Your iPad or iPhone’s settings tab should be selected.
  • Right away go to mail and choose accounts.
  • Select AOL from the menu.
  • Auto Fetch data must be turned on.

Final Words

  • Therefore, clients can use these simple steps to help them resolve problems with Verizon email. If none of the aforementioned steps help you solve the issue, you must contact email support specialists.
  • Customers can contact the specialists whenever they require assistance. If you believe you require assistance, get in touch with our professionals to quickly resolve your problem.


Is Verizon home Internet secure?
A firewall is part of the Verizon Internet Security Suite, which helps safeguard your computer from viruses and worms.

Is AOL no longer supporting Verizon email?

Does AOL no longer support email from Verizon? You needed to switch to AOL after Verizon’s email service was discontinued.

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