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How to Style In a Shearling Leather Jacket

The shearling (also known as sheepskin) jacket is a timeless piece of outerwear and an essential component of any winter collection. The classic coat, which became immortalized as a component of Second World War aviators’ uniforms, has a long and glorious history that dates all the way back to the beginning of European civilization.

One of the timeless outerwear items you’ll see worn frequently throughout fall and winter is the shearling jacket. Shearling jackets have been adopted by numerous companies to offer a traditional appearance, greater warmth, better practicality, and added detail to a whole new spectrum of jacket and coat styles in addition to being the coolest uniform jackets worn by Second World War aviators. Today, we’ll demonstrate the various shearling jacket varieties and styling ideas for them.

What Is A Shearling Coat?

The genuine skin of a sheep or lamb creates a shearling coat like Marlboro Sheepskin Shearling Jacket, with one side being cover with tanned suede or leather and the other in a treat like a coat with soft wool left attached. A nice shearling coat can set you back more than $1,000 due to the substantial cost of preparing it, which also makes leather and animal hides quite pricey. Even though it’s expensive, a sheepskin jacket is a classic piece of clothing and a lifetime investment.

Consider an imitation if cost and ecology are more important factors in your decision-making. Sheepskin is expensive one compare to the faux shearling, But quality is also to be consider to ensure that it will function adequately in cold temperatures.

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Denim Sherpa Jacket

The sherpa denim jacket is the one we want to start with. Sherpa lining resembles actual sheep’s wool, however Sherpa is composed of cotton, polyester, or acrylic, which is lighter, less bulky, and dries faster. Every guy’s collection should include a pair of deep indigo jeans; the fabric makes them more adaptable, and the shearling collar gives them a standout feature. Never be hesitant to wear double denim. A casual ensemble ideal for a Sunday stroll can be made up of a pair of black trousers, a denim sherpa jacket, and a pair of crisp white shoes. You can always choose a pair of sand chinos if double denim is not your preferred fashion trend.

Men’s Leather Shearling JacketAviator shearling Jacket

The classic piece of clothing you should have at least one of in your capsule wardrobe is a leather shearling jacket. Any outfit, from the informal white t-shirt to more sophisticated attire, can be perfectly concealed by it. The most traditional outfit to wear a leather jacket with is a white t-shirt or sweater underneath, followed by a pair of sneakers and a pair of black skinny or torn jeans. It looks best when worn with a polo shirt, wool suit pants, and a pair of suede Chelsea boots for a more official approach. Both of these looks will give you a magnificent sartorial appearance ideal for your working day.

Men’s Suede Shearling Jacket

Wearing a suede shearling coat in an area with excessive winter rain may not be a wise decision. Because suede has a napped surface, it will draw moisture into the leather. Any colours or pigments that have been put to the suede are also susceptible to fading or running when exposed to a lot of water. Along with this discolouration, the suede may also clearly contract as it dries.

You might reconsider, though, once you learn how warm and windproof they are. A white t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a great pair of white sneakers or Chelsea boots are the ideal ways to wear a suede shearling jacket. One thing to keep in mind is that the suede jacket needs additional care and shouldn’t be worn on a rainy day.

Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

The heavy-duty aviator jacket known as the bomber jacket was first used during the war and has since become one of the most iconic outerwear items ever. A bomber jacket with a shearling collar gives you a variety of fashionable looks while keeping you warm during the next cold months. This jacket has since evolved into the most functional, easily styled, and very durable winter coat. This will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come thanks to its classic design. A white t-shirt or sweater, a checkered shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of winter boots are the best accessories to wear with a sheepskin bomber jacket for an elegant look. Get a beautiful pair of pilot sunglasses and a set of black leather gloves if you want to embody the heroic aviator look.

Brown Shearling Peacoat

Shearling jackets in the bomber and aviator styles are the most popular, but you can also find shearling elements on trucker jackets, bikers, and shearling overcoats. Choose the traditional brown suede shearling peacoat with a white t-shirt or sweater underneath, blue jeans, and sturdy boots if you need to attend some smart parties and official meetings during the winter. The finest outfits to pair with shearling coats are typically casual ones. If you must wear it with a complete suit, make sure the shearling coat you choose is an overcoat design.

Styling your shearling jacket

SHearling Jacket

A shearling jacket will instantly improve your appearance. For the finest appearance, make sure to pair it properly. When you wear a thin turtleneck underneath, it might be a little more laid back. Burgundy or other jewel tones are a surefire choice that will make you stand out against the shearling.

It’s a fashion faux pas, say experts, to wear your brown shearling with brown boots or a brown hat. With a shearling jacket, the black monk straps give you a distinctive appearance.

The ideal outfit to combine a shearling with is a pair of dark or light-colored trousers, light-colored chinos, and a tough pair of boots. Wear a knit top or a shirt underneath.

How to maintain your shearling jacket?

You can wear a shearling coat for many years to come. Each time you wear it, it looks better. Spray some water repellent on your shearling jacket before you go outside.

Allow the Shearling Jacket to air dry if it gets wet. Always use a soft-bristled brush to remove water stains. And that the fur on the coat will destroy by the heat.

The attraction that should last longer

A shearling jacket will always exude an air of “flyboy cool” due to its air force heritage. A lamb or sheep’s skin is use to make a shearling jacket. On one side, they are dress like in tanned suede with wool, while on the other, they are wearing an animal hide coat.

You should always take good care of and preserve the cleanliness of your shearing. Use it to create the ideal monochromatic appearance with all-black clothing or to bring harmony to neutrals. The ideal leather jacket for guys that you will adore wearing during the holiday season are shearling coats.

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The warmth and comfort of the sheepskin jacket are its biggest utilitarian assets, and your choice of accessories can take use of this. In addition to adding intricacy and depth without drawing too much attention away from your jacket, a knitted, well-fitting roll-neck sweater and a simple scarf can keep your head and neck warm in even the coldest weather. A reliable pair of boots will enable you to wear your jacket in less welcoming environments while also giving your ensemble a rough look.

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