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How to Perform Well in On-Page Optimization

You want people to read your website if you’re creating one. A little support from Google is the greatest method to help new people discover you. To guarantee that your site appears in search results, you need spend some effort in SEO, often known as search engine optimization.
It all comes down to optimizing your website to make it more visible to Google and other search engines.
On-page SEO and off-page SEO are terms used in the realm of search engine optimization. Continue reading to learn what it is, why you need it, and how you can rapidly (and simply) fine-tune your own website. Follow these tips provided by SEO Malaysia , and your site will soon be appearing in search results and garnering a lot of traffic.

What exactly is on-page SEO?

Search engine optimization is classified into two types: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO refers to anything you can do ON your website to help it rank better in search results. Don’t worry, we’ll go through everything in depth below.

Off-page SEO refers to measures you may perform on other websites to assist increase the ranking of your own. Obtaining links from other websites, writing guest blogs, publishing on social media platforms, and writing in forums are some examples.

Once you’ve mastered on-page optimization, you can give your site a boost by delving into off-page optimization as well.

Why do you need it?

On-page SEO’s purpose is to assist Google in matching your website to your target audience. If a search engine can’t swiftly and readily grasp what your site is about, it’ll be less likely to show up in search results. Google scans websites to learn about them by looking at the text, graphics, page names, and other factors.

Now that we’ve covered the what and why, let’s move on to some pointers.


10 on-page SEO tips:

Choose appropriate terms.

Before you can optimise your site, you must first choose the appropriate keywords. These are the terms that your consumers are searching for when looking for a company like yours. You should employ your goal keywords across your website after you’ve created a list of them.


Make your material more appealing.

When Google crawls your site, it carefully reads your content. Use your keywords liberally throughout your material, especially in essential locations like your headers. Remember that you’re writing for people, so make things as natural as possible. If you pack your keywords, Google will detect this and punish you.


Select URLs that are SEO-friendly.

Keep your users and Google’s bots in mind while selecting your domain and naming each page on your site. One of the first things they notice is your domain. Wix allows you to change the name of your pages whenever you want. Keep in mind that the name of each page will appear as part of the URL, so attempt to include keywords into your domain. If you own Amy’s Shoe Store, for example, a nice page name may be www.amysshoes.com/winterboots. Isn’t this significantly superior than www.amyshoes.com/copyofhomepage1?


Make use of keywords in your meta tags.

Search engines scan your site’s titles and descriptions, also known as meta tags, after they look at your URL. Have no idea what a meta tag is? The title and description are shown in Google search results underneath each website link, so your site visitors may read them to see whether your site provides what they are looking for. They appear just on result pages, not on your website. Remember to produce original and detailed content for each page and to include your keywords as much as possible – but again, in a natural manner.


Create informative alternative text

Because Google cannot read pictures, it relies on alt text to interpret what is shown in your site’s graphics or photos. These small written descriptions are ideal for including your keywords and company name! Learn how to add alt text to your Wix photos.


Send us your URL.

Want to ensure that search engines notice your website? Once your site is online, invite Google and Bing to scan it by providing your URL to them directly. With a single click, you may start your ranking by instructing them to read and index your site. You may submit your page to Google and Bing from this website.


Make use of internal linkages.

Internal links assist people browse between pages on your site and are beneficial to SEO. Search engines, like human visitors, will click on links to view various pages of your site. You may utilise hyperlinks to direct customers to your Contact Page, your online shop, or anywhere else you like. These are clickable words that connect viewers to another page. Bloggers, take note! Internal connections are very crucial for you. Use links to direct your visitors to related blog entries, your About page, or the buy page for an item you’re selling online.


Make sure your material is easily shared.

Google will take notice if your material is popular on social media. The greatest approach to contribute to this is to provide share buttons on your website. Anyone viewing your website or one of your blog pieces should be able to easily share it on their own social media platforms.

More information:

Include a Pinterest Share Box.

Include a Facebook Share Button.


Make it portable.

Because mobile devices outnumber laptops in terms of search volume, Google decided to provide additional points to mobile-friendly websites in 2015. If you want your site to appear in the roughly 60% of smartphone searches, make sure it’s mobile-optimized. Fortunately, the Wix mobile Editor makes this a breeze!


Include your contact details.

Use your address and location-based terms across your website if you own a local company. This will inform search engines that your site should be shown to prospective customers in your geographic region. Even if your company isn’t geographically restricted, it’s critical to have your contact information on every page of your website. It increases your Google reputation and (duh!) makes it simpler for your consumers to contact you! Learn how to improve your local SEO and increase foot traffic.

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