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How to Make Money Walking with Mobile Apps

If you visit this blog often, you will know very well that there are many options to generate income from home, but with this one that I am going to talk to you about today, you are going to freak out, I assure you.

It is about earning money walking by using mobile phone applications. Yes, you read that right… you can earn money by hanging out! 😮

The idea of being paid to walk is not new, but in countries like Spain, it is still not very popular.

Unfortunately, people are more interested in earning money with little effort and without getting off the couch, so the search for an application to walk and run (even if it is in exchange for money) is not very “trending”, heh heh

So, if you are not a sedentary person (or you are, but you need good motivation to stop being one), I invite you to continue reading the article.

Apart from gaining in health, which is not little, you will discover the best apps for walking and, by the way, get money and/or different prizes such as gift cards. Go for it! 😀

How to Make Money Walking with Mobile Apps

In my opinion, the most important advantages of using an app that pays you to walk are the following:

  • It encourages you to go outside and do some physical activity, even if it’s just a short walk.
  • Even the best walking apps are totally free.
  • You just need to take a smartphone with you. Who doesn’t carry it with them all the time these days? 😛
  • Once an app that pays you to walk is installed, you don’t have to do anything that wastes your time. The balance and/or the points accumulate when you walk, nothing more.

What disadvantages do apps have to walk in exchange for money?

Although the drawbacks of these applications are much less significant than the positive points, it doesn’t hurt to know them and take them into account before installing any of them on your mobile phone.

  • Like any application that uses GPS, battery consumption is quite high.
  • You have to grant location permissions, something that directly affects your privacy.

If you are a sedentary person or simply do not like to walk, you will not gain anything, of course.

Best Apps to Earn Money Walking

Although I suppose there will be many more (especially in the Anglo-Saxon market), the apps to walk in exchange for money and different prizes like kolkata fatafat result within the market (and that I have verified that they work and pay), are the following:


An application that encourages daily walking by rewarding all your steps in the form of points called sweatcoins, which you can exchange for a multitude of prizes (gift cards, appliances, electronic devices, etc.) in its official store. It works for almost all countries and is completely free.

If you need an invitation to register and download the app from Google Play or Apple Store, check the article I have written about it with all its relevant information. By the way, get 0.95 welcome gift sweatcoins. 😉


Application of French origin that rewards your efforts to walk every day and avoid a sedentary life.

User opinions about it are quite positive, both in Google Play and in the Apple Store, reaching a score of 4.3 in more than 60 thousand reviews.

As a relevant fact, it is the only walking application that pays by bank transfer, apart, of course, from the option of receiving rewards through gift cards or discounts in different associated stores.

On the other hand, when creating an account as a new user, you have the option to start with no more and no less than 300 wards, the app’s virtual currency.


This time it is an application developed by a Swedish company and, like the others, its main objective is to increase the physical activity of its users.

It occupies little space on the phone and consumes hardly any resources, which is why it is compatible with other similar apps.

Although it does not have withdrawal methods in the form of cash, the prize catalog is quite extensive and of high quality, highlighting the possibility of exchanging points for Amazon gift cards.

In a similar way to what happens with the previous apps, it is convenient to register through the invitation link of another person, since that way you start with extra points as soon as you start. In the link below you will find mine.

Why are there apps that pay you to walk?

Like most of the platforms and apps that we use every day to earn money online, the applications that pay you to walk do so thanks to advertising.

In addition, the health and fitness sector is booming, so the number of companies that want to advertise in this type of app is increasing.

Thus, part of the money that the applications that you have seen above receive from companies and advertisers is distributed among the users, forming an ecosystem in which everyone wins.

As you can see, money does not fall from the sky nor do they give it to you for your pretty face 😛

Also, keep in mind that, apart from the consumption of advertising in different formats, when you use these applications you are sharing your location through the GPS of your mobile, information of enormous value for any company that knows how to take advantage of it.

In any case, this is not something exclusive to walking applications, since services as popular as Google Maps or social networks such as Facebook or Instagram already implement it.

The difference is that, with the latter, you do not earn a single penny for sharing your location.

How much money can be earned by walking?

Unless you are a marathon runner who trains every day over long distances, do not expect to earn much money with this type of application.

The reality is that its main function is to motivate people to be more active and lead a slightly healthier life, with money being somewhat secondary.

However, getting prizes, gift cards, or cash for the simple fact of walking “tastes” better than doing other types of activities on the Internet, since, after all, we all have to walk to a greater or lesser extent. … No?

Go to work, go shopping, pick up the children from school, visit the doctor, etc.

Therefore, receiving money for something that you are also going to do in your day-to-day (that is, walk), I particularly see as great.

Final Words

To be honest, my opinion is that it should not be the money that pushes you to walk as much as possible, but the improvement in your health that comes with doing so.

Without going any further, I have been walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for several years, long before this type of app came onto the market.

From there, everything that comes additionally is welcome. In addition, it is also true that when using an app that pays you to walk, you “bitch” yourself for taking more steps than normal, at least that’s what happens to me. Burning more calories and earning some money on top of that… I like it! 😀

If I had to put a downside to this type of app, it is that when using the GPS they consume a lot of battery, so you must be aware and charge the mobile a little more often than normal.

For the rest, I find them quite interesting and that’s why I use them and even write about them on the blog.

Finally, I recommend that you visit this article from time to time, since I will be updating the list of applications to earn money walking that are reliable and currently paying, since it would not be the first time that some disappear and others appear in its place. This world is constantly changing!

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