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How to Install CAPTCHA on your website

Do you want to add CAPTCHA code to WordPress Website?

WordPress provides a secure platform for your website, but hackers and spammers continuously try to break that security layer. And if you don’t add any additional security features to your site, then your site will be hacked soon by the hackers.

So, What to do next. You can add CAPTCHA code to the WordPress website. It creates a security breach to protect your online business. And prevents hackers from saturating your website with spam.

If you are unfamiliar with WordPress CAPTCHA code and don’t know how to add CAPTCHA code to the WordPress website, then read this blog. Here you learn about What is CAPTCHA? How it protects your site and easy steps of installing the CAPTCHA to your WordPress Website.

So let’s start.

The Ultimate Guide on CAPTCHA and How it Installs in Your WordPress Website

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is the short form of “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. This is a kind of security parameter that helps in separating the human and bots visitors.

This authentication test helps in protecting your site from password cracking and spam with the help of a simple test. This test is basically designed for a human to prove that they are not a bot.

In the CAPTCHA test, a randomly generated order of numbers and words or numbers or words appear on the screen, and a visitor has to fill this order in the text box.

Types of CAPTCHA

There are different types of CAPTCHA tests available in the market. Here is the list of some CAPTCHAs.

Logic Questions

The Logical Questions CAPTCHA test asks a single or a series of questions to the visitors and gives a box to answer the questions. These questions are elementary-type math or sequence recognizing based tests, so even six or seven standard students can easily solve that.

User Interaction CAPTCHA

User Interaction CAPTCHA is a simple action test like rotating the image or sliding a slider on the screen to identify a human by the visitor’s interaction with the CAPTCHA. A computer can’t pass this test because bots can’t read images and follow instructions.

 Human-Assisted OCR

The human-assisted OCR is a very common reCAPTCHA that displays the sequence of text, numbers, or images. To pass this test, users have to complete this task to submit the form.

Here OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and it helps the human who can not recognize the text or characters. The OCR includes an audio of the CAPTCHA, so when any user fails to identify the text, they can take help from the audio and type the correct answer.

Image Recognition

In these CAPTCHAs, the text-based phases are replaced by images or diagrams. So, when replying to a text, humans have to identify pictures and responses with the correct answer in the box.

The Image Recognition CAPTCHA has many options like a single image divided into grids, choosing the right element in the photo, etc.


NO CAPTCHA is also known as Invisible CAPTCHA. In this CAPTCHA test, visitors do not need to solve puzzles or type anything in the box. This test depends upon the activity of the users. If the user is constantly active, they verify as a human being after clicking the checkbox.

Why do we add CAPTCHA Code in WordPress Web?

Your website is an online place where you can store your data and clients’ details. So, the security of that information is your responsibility. When an unauthorized person can get the entry on your Admin part of the website, they can get access to do lots of inappropriate activity. like:

  • Stealing personal Data and customers’ account details
  • Demanding a ransom
  • Distributing malware
  • Comment spamming
  • Reduce your Website Traffic
  • Crashing a network of websites
  • Damage your SEO Efforts

Apart from this, Google continuously filters the hacked websites and if it finds malware on your website. Then your website will be blocklisted by Google, and you will lose your whole business in a few minutes.

That’s why CAPTCHA protects your digital information from spammers and hackers by ensuring that only an authorized person with the correct password can access that information.

You may see this CAPTCHA test on the most sensitive account access points. Nowadays, many websites use this security feature to protect their accounts from hackers and spammers.

How do CAPTCHAs Protect Your WordPress Website?

Hackers can use bots to get your secret information, so they command their computer to find that password and bring it to them. Then Bots searched the data portal, and now it has to pass the CAPTCHA test to access information. The CAPTCHA test shows an image to identify, and here bots cannot reply to this distorted image, so they fail the test and access your data.

Where Should You Add CAPTCHA Code to WordPress Website?

Adding CAPTCHA code to the WordPress site is an excellent way to prevent spam from filling. Apart from this, it saves the website from hacking personal information. There are the following places on the WordPress website where you must add the reCAPTCHA code.

  • Login Pages
  • Content Submissions
  • Surveys
  • Email Signup Forms
  • User Registration Forms
  • Password Recovery Pages
  • Forums
  • Contact Forms

Besides, you can also add CAPTCHA code to WordPress websites anywhere.

Steps to Add CAPTCHA Protection to WordPress

After getting the information, you may think about how to add CAPTCHA code to the WordPress website. To add reCAPTCHA code to the WordPress website, you Must follow these few steps.

  1. Sign in to your WordPress admin page.
  2. Click on the add plugin option under plugins in your side menu.
  3. Now in the search box of the plugin library, type Google CAPTCHA. If you want to add search more options, then search CAPTCHA plugin.
  4. Then click on the search plugins.
  5. After the search, you see your plugin in the search result. Select your plugin and click on the Install Now button.

Note: Before installing any plugins, you must check their description and match your requirement with this. After that, check the website’s reviews and maximum plugin installation numbers.

  1. When your plugin installation process finishes, then activate the plugin in your plugin list.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. When you install Google CAPTCHA, click on the authentication then registration link, and follow the instruction to create a public and private key to use the plugin.
  4. After getting your keys from Google, type that public key in the public key text box and type private key in the private key box.
  5. Now, set up your CAPTCHA plugin under the options section, then save the changes.
  6. Congratulations! Your Google CAPTCHAs are now activated on your WordPress website.

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CAPTCHA is a security parameter that helps separate humans and bots. There are some names of popular CAPTCHAs.

  • Logical Question CAPTCHA
  • User Interaction CAPTCHA
  • Human Assisted OCR
  • Image Recognition
  • no CAPTCHA

You can add a CAPTCHA Code to the WordPress website to protect the site from hackers and spammers. It sets a code to ensure that only authorized persons with relevant passwords can cross the web page gateways. You can add CAPTCHA code to WordPress websites, for example, Login Panel, Form submission, and other sensitive areas. You can with the best WordPress Development Companies in India.


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