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How To Hire Software Developers From India

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to be confined to your local software developers only. You can explore global talent pools from the remotest countries. India has become one of the most sought-after countries for hiring software developers as it has a large talent pool.

Companies are in major need of skilled programmers. As India provides a great talent pool, many businesses are looking to hire software developers online from India. Indian developers can be a great resource to businesses, especially for those having trouble finding the right talent.

That said, finding and hiring a software developer can be daunting. The hiring process could take several months, which wastes your time, money, and energy. To help you prepare to take on this process and shorten the time, we have crafted a guide on hiring software developers from India.

Have patience in finding the right person

When hiring software developers online, not just from India but from anywhere, the first rule of good hiring is to have patience. Don’t make a decision quickly and hire a developer who appears to have the skill set you need. Instead, you want to make sure they are a good fit for the job by going through all the same processes you would do for local developers.

Take time to think about exactly what type of job you need to be done. Does it involve a lot of collaboration? If it does, consider time zone challenges, making sure you hire developers online willing to work when you need them. Besides, there are numerous quality and cultural issues. That is why it is important to be patient and take time to ensure you’re hiring the right developer.

Craft a good job description

Another important step is taking some time to craft a thorough job description. This is even crucial when hiring developers online from offshore, as it will be the first interaction you will have with your potential developers. To attract the right talent pool, you want to set the right tone from the start with a clear explanation of your needs. This means you need to include specifics, such as:

  • Education qualifications of your potential developers
  • The experience level you need, i.e., junior, mid-level, or senior
  • Specific skill sets you to need to complete your project
  • Daily responsibilities
  • Expectations for weekly hours and specific work time needed

Although this is important for all jobs, it is crucial for job descriptions when hiring developers online from offshore countries like India. So, spending some time creating a good job description is worth it, which eventually will help the hiring process go smoother.

Conduct an effective interview process

Once you post a job requirement, you will receive applications from developers. Finding a good and effective way to evaluate these applicants is essential. You should conduct a thorough coding test to hire developers online with the right skill set. This is the best way to predict how well they will perform, offering an overview of your potential developer’s skills and work style.

Make sure you induce real-world scenarios and time limits in your assessment. Moreover, before conducting the test, have an established standard to evaluate all applicants on the same scale. The video interview is a vital part of the interview process. Doing both live coding sessions and question and answer is a good idea.

Video calls might be a challenge when dealing with time zones and language barriers when you choose to hire software developers online from offshore regions. But it is important to ensure you can effectively communicate with your potential developers.

Have clear expectations about the cost

There is a common belief that businesses can save significantly by adopting offshore hiring of developers. However, while you can save money on offshore hiring, it is important to be realistic about how much you will need to pay for quality developers.

For example, you may have heard that you can hire software developers online from India at 10% cost of local developers. But you should keep in mind that it is reasonable that developers may expect the standard 30% hike from their new employer.

This is still a minimum expectation. Depending on their skills and experience, you might have to hire developers online at a third or half of what you pay to your local programmers. So, you should have reasonable expectations about what you will pay your Indian software developers. It is important to research before you begin searching for software developers for hire.


Indian developers are most sought after for their talent, hard work, and high-standard professionalism. Therefore, a business can benefit the most if it hires Indian software developers. However, there are many things you would need to consider when you want to hire software developers online from India. In this article, we have thoroughly discussed what you should remember and how you can hire Indian developers online to make your custom website development project successful.

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