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How to hire a Full Stack Developer

It takes a lot of effort to create a web application with excellent aesthetics and quick performance. It needs a solid group of designers, QA analysts, front-end and back-end engineers, etc. However, front-end and back-end developers are responsible for the bulk of the effort.

Who is a Full Stack Developer

If you’re new to the world of programming and software development, you may be curious about full-stack developers. You’ll consider how they differ from front-end and back-end developers as well. To start, you should be aware that there are three main layers to software development.


The front end is like a face of a web app or software that’s exposed to the user. This is the part where you hire front-end developers.  They concentrate on the coding and development of the web app’s aspects and functionalities while keeping the end users in mind. These components consist of,

  • Buttons/Layouts
  • Navigation
  • Images/Graphics/Animations
  • Content organization

They are primarily responsible for making ensuring the web app’s UI/UX design and visual components are completely operational. Additionally, they’ll facilitate user interaction with the programme and ensure smooth functioning. So, it stands to reason that front-end developers mostly work with “client-side” applications and services. They also work with languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.


An application’s backend is the portion that users cannot see. It functions in the server, web browser, and cache managers. Technology is created and maintained by a back-end developer in order to power the application’s components. These elements support the proper operation of the application’s user-facing portion. The entire backend is created, maintained, tested, and debugged by them.

Their primary duties include of,

  • Building code
  • Troubleshooting and debugging web applications
  • Database management
  • Framework utilization

Employing backend developers guarantees rapid delivery of any data or services required by the frontend system. The majority of the languages they use are PHP, Django, Node.JS, and.NET.


Every single thing is kept in the database layer. Whenever a user makes a request while utilising an application, the accompanying data is always kept. There are many different kinds of databases, including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and MariaDB.

A full-stack developer is capable of comprehending, managing, and operating in each of these three layers. They are competent in managing a web application’s front end and back end. They are useful throughout the development process since they have practical expertise using popular technologies including JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, MongoDB, Nodejs, Angular, and Apache. Simply said, when you engage full-stack developers, you obtain knowledgeable experts who can write for the frontend, handle backend operations, guarantee the speed and performance of the App, and recognise testing methodologies.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Full-Stack Developer?

A highly proficient full-stack developer often has at least ten years of industry experience. They bill more than traditional frontend/backend engineers do as a result. However, the location of the developer is the primary component that is quite important in determining the cost. An American, British, Australian, or other developed nation full-stack developer, for example, may run you between $8000 and $13000 per month. Developers from developing nations will charge only $2000 to $5000, in contrast to those with comparable abilities, expertise, and experience. Additionally, choosing to hire developers from India is a wonderful decision because you can get dedicated, hardworking people with extensive industry experience.

How To Hire Full-Stack Developers For Your Project?

There are a few things you should generally look for when choosing full-stack developers. Work experience, credentials, talents, and personality are the primary factors. You might lose hundreds of dollars with just one poor hire. Check out the following to prevent it.

Frontend Foundations

Of course, the developer’s fundamental familiarity with the frontend development of an App should be your first point of focus. You can ask questions regarding things like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Backend Foundations:

Test their core server-side understanding as well. This covers subjects like PHP, API, REST, SOAP, Cache, and AWS, among others. You should be aware, though, that all full-stack developers are familiar with both front-end and back-end programming, with a focus on one of them. It’s acceptable if they are proficient in just one, but they should know the fundamentals of both.



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