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How To Get SAP Certification With SAP Learning Hub?


SAP is market-leading prominent software that has a tremendous application range in enterprise resource planning and data processing applications. It is a popular software primarily used by professionals in the industry for information processing applications and serves a widespread customer base existing in higher-end enterprises and lower-level ventures alike. It has an excellent function range in that domain where there is a need for advanced tools for data analysis. Primarily, it serves the customers with advanced solutions in the domain such as logistics, HR, procurement, and finance. It encompasses some of the critical processes in the industry such as storage, analysis, and collaboration. Industries in over 180 countries utilize the solutions of the software extensively and there are at least 425,000 customers worldwide. Therefore, it is a domain that is in high demand, and SAP Training has gained prominence among job-seekers recently due to advanced job prospects.

Now, let us mull over some fundamental concepts to start imbibing all the relevant knowledge about this software.

Necessary SAP Skills:

SAP Skills are the set of abilities that are necessary to utilize the software efficiently for solutions related to distinct business problems. It contains a wide range of integrated applications for different domains. Therefore, there are a lot of skills that candidates must learn to elevate their proficiency. Now, there are skills that can be learned fairly quickly while other skills need more time and even certification.

Handling Hybrid and Public Multi Clouds:

In recent times, multitudinous companies have switched their SAP database to the cloud. Therefore, it has become imperative for professionals to gain knowledge pertaining to the management of these cloud sources. In most scenarios, the application of SAP remains on-premises. However, you cannot ignore the applicability of the software in the hybrid or even multi-hybrid ecosystem.

SAP SaaS Solutions:

SAP skillsets also entail management and integration of SaaS solutions. Working in a complex environment requires you to deal with distinct Software as Solution tools like Ariba, Concur, or SuccessFactors. Furthermore, it is quite common for companies to integrate SaaS solutions with the existing SAP infrastructure. Therefore, it is recommendable to invest in a few months to understand the use of such SaaS solutions and how to manage and secure integrated SAP environments efficiently.


An AIOps platform integrates modern technological domains such as machine learning and big data functionality to provide solutions to all IT processes. The platform does that by scalable ingestion and analysis of rapidly increasing volume, velocity, and variety of information that gets generated in the domain. Now, there is a specific set of solutions that has excellent applications in the SAP field. For example, studies have shown that around 65 percent of the organizations use AIOps platform for monitoring and analytics processes.

Now, let us move further and notice a few steps that you should keep in mind while pursuing a certification in the SAP field.

Steps to Obtain SAP Certification:

Nowadays, it has become increasingly easy to obtain a certificate because of the plethora of institutes available. Furthermore, there is a vast number of institutes that also offers convenient class schedule to suit your time constraints. Depending upon your availability, you can opt among the class, self-paced, or online options. The following points that follow illustrate the steps to attain the certification in a clear way-

Select a Learning Path:

The initial step in getting a certificate revolves around choosing a module that you want to gain expertise in for your career. Depending upon the module you have selected would further dictate your learning path. Therefore, it is advisable to take time and then decide on the module you wish to attain specialization in. Afterward, you should opt for a suitable course and select a batch accordingly. Moreover, it is also essential to assimilate all the reading materials along with the supplementary materials that would help you in obtaining in-depth knowledge.

Training Classes:

Attain the classes and follow all the concepts coherently with the class. Doubt classes are also imperative to follow as they enhance your understanding of each topic. Ask questions in the classes to be attentive and also take notes to refer to them later.

Go Through the Reading Materials:

In the course, you will get reading material to complement the concepts that you will learn in class. It is essential to read the reading materials continuously during the course and prepare well for exams. Plan your course comprehensively taking care of all the details and also ensure that you get time to read the supplementary materials as well.

Attend Exams:

You do get three-four attempts to clear tests and obtain the certification, but it is recommendable to clear the test in one attempt. Furthermore, some learning hubs also offers flexible exam schedule as there are options for a six-month long course or a year-long course. Ace the exam in one go and immediately reap benefits in your career in growth and salary aspects.


SAP is a modernistic tool containing multi-faceted functionalities useful for enterprise resource planning and information processing. It upgrades the Business Intelligence facets and efficacious improves the efficiency by executing advanced functions. SAP modules bring down delays in logistics and also improve the User Interface to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, many professionals apply for SAP Learning Hub and choose a module they prefer to specialize in to add new dimensions to their profile and go further in the domain.


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