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How To Find the Right Battery for Your Car in Uganda?

Your vehicle depends on several electrical and mechanical mechanisms to operate appropriately and efficiently. One of the crucial fragments of your car is an operative battery.

It is worth observing that your car’s battery does more than merely start the car. Apart from other important tasks, it empowers you to utilize the headlights and cool down your car’s engine.

The Significance of Selecting the Top Car Battery for your Car

You need to certify that you are looking to buy your vehicle’s correct type of battery. Doing so will benefit you to keep your car innocuous and well-organized. It is not sufficient to know the most important driving don’ts that can hurt your car’s battery.

In addition, you also need to know how to pick the best battery for your car. After all, it plays a significant role in moving your vehicle. In addition, it also ensures that your anti-theft structures are operating suitably.

Picking the finest car battery for your engine will ensure that your car gets as much power as the car needs whenever you divert the car on gas.

Basic Types of Battery

It would be best to teach yourself about the dissimilar car batteries and sequences types. This way, you will be able to pick the best battery for the car. The most common types of batteries are:

  • Lead-Acid Rechargeable Batteries
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

1.     Lead-Acid Batteries

At the moment, many people are aware of lead-acid rechargeable batteries as drivers extensively use them. When you are looking to use lead-acid rechargeable batteries, you need to fill the water from time to time in the electrolyte solution. After all, the power of the battery source is the liquid present inside it.

Thanks to technical enhancements, innovative lead-acid rechargeable batteries do not require much liquid as the outdated flooded cell. They have been premeditated to recollect their liquid for their complete life. Furthermore, you do not need to detach their caps.

2.     Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

Because of the smart features and outstanding abilities of the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, many prefer them. When you compare them with standard batteries, you will see that they have better capabilities of standing up to repeated draining and recharging cycles.

Moreover, you can expect smart features like stop-start fuel-saving systems, electronic safety, convenience features, and even power outlets where you can plug your mobile electronic devices.

When you’re planning to purchase an AGM battery, you must expect to spend about 40% to 100% more than you would when you opt for lead-acid batteries.

If you tend to leave your car in storage for long periods, it will be smart to buy an AGM battery. This is the best car battery for tolerating deep discharges. It has better capabilities of recovering fully.

The Best Car Batteries

DieHard Batteries

Many consider DieHard one of the best car battery brands today. It was intended to last longer than the car’s lifespan when it was initially developed. To some extent, this battery has accomplished such a goal.

Since it is available in medium, heavy, and premium duty lines, DieHard batteries can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance. In most cases, this is the ideal kind of car battery for Toyota HiAce vans that tend to have a longer lifespan.


When it comes to car battery innovations, you can rely on the Odyssey brand. Because of the advances they bring to the plate; this company has made it to the top of the market.

Odyssey batteries tend to have superior quality and a longer lifespan than their competitors. They are ideal for trucks like Mitsubishi Canter and Fuso Fighter, commonly used for commercial and industrial applications.


Duralast batteries come from the same manufacturer that developed the DieHard brand. In many aspects, these batteries can be at par with the performance of DieHard batteries. So, if you are on a budget but still after durability and quality, we recommend opting for Duralast batteries.

Average Lifespan of Car Batteries

Weather plays a fundamental part in defining the typical life expectancy of car batteries. Running a car in hot weather now acquits high heat points, which take a peal on the battery’s total energy.

This clarifies why the car’s batteries in hot states typically last for around 2 to 2.5 years. This figure is a little less than half of the typical lifecycle of car batteries in cooler districts. While climate is an irrepressible aspect, there are still a few ways you can extend your car’s battery life.

As a tip for maintaining the car, you can take the steps mentioned below to ensure that you are abundantly augmenting the potential of your car’s battery:

Don’t Skip on the Monthly Car Inspection

Whether you are looking to buy a brand new car or inexpensive used cars for sale in Uganda, a scheduled examination should constantly be at the top of your list. Meanwhile, metal essentials like battery terminals are disposed to rust. Even though erosion is an ordinary procedure that you cannot stop, you can at least postpone it by taking appropriate care of your vehicle.

Limit Your Short Rides

Turning on your car’s ignition for that rapid trip to the adjacent store may be enticing, but this can offend your car’s battery more than you know. Short rides prevent your vehicle battery from charging completely since its control cells were intended to charge within an explicit time frame.

Not giving your battery adequate time to charge can significantly disturb the performance of the battery, especially when done regularly.

Rather than taking short trips on a daily basis, it would be best if you drive your car for lengthier periods and ensure you are revolving on the ignition every once in a while. In addition, if you do not use your car regularly, it is intelligent for you to capitalize on a moveable car battery charger.

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