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How to effectively manage your pre-exam nerves like a pro

It’s the night before your big exam and you can’t seem to shake the feeling of anxiousness. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and your mind is racing with thoughts of failure. Sound familiar?

If you’re experiencing pre-exam nerves, don’t worry – you’re not alone. In fact, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little anxious before an important test.

The key is to manage your nerves in a way that doesn’t negatively impact your performance. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Understand your anxiety

The first step to managing your pre-exam nerves is understanding where they’re coming from. Are you worried about not knowing the material? Are you afraid of failing? Or are you simply anxious about the unknown?

Once you identify the source of your anxiety, you can start to address it. For example, if you’re worried about not knowing the material, try studying a little longer or seeking out a tutor. If you’re afraid of failing, remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that the important thing is to learn from them.

Make a plan

One of the best ways to manage your pre-exam nerves is to have a plan. This means knowing exactly what you need to do to prepare for the exam and feeling confident that you’re prepared.

Start by making a study schedule and stick to it. Then, create a list of things you need to do the night before the exam, such as reviewing your notes and getting a good night’s sleep. Having a plan will help to ease your anxiety by giving you a sense of control. Online exam help is also available these days so you can take help of that as well.


When you’re feeling anxious, it’s important to remember to breathe. Taking slow, deep breaths can help to calm your nerves and ease your anxiety.

If you find yourself feeling short of breath, try this simple breathing exercise:

  1. Sit up straight and place one hand on your stomach.
  2. Breath in through your nose, letting your stomach expand.
  3. Breathe out through your mouth, letting your stomach fall.
  4. Repeat this for 10 breaths.

Get moving

Exercise is a great way to manage your pre-exam nerves. Not only does it release endorphins – which have mood-boosting properties – but it also helps to improve focus and concentration.

Even if you don’t have time for a full workout,  simply going for a walk or doing some simple stretches can help to ease your anxiety.

Take enough good night’s sleep

One of the best things you can do for your mind and body is to get a good night’s sleep before your exam. A lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, which can make it difficult to focus and remember information.

To make sure you’re getting enough rest, establish a bedtime routine and stick to it. This means turning off electronics at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep and avoiding caffeine in the evening.

Talk to someone

If your pre-exam nerves are really getting the best of you, talk to someone about it. Sometimes, simply talking through your anxiety can help to ease your fears.

Seek out a friend, family member, or counselor who can provide support and understanding. They may also be able to offer some helpful tips on how to deal with your anxiety.

Pre-exam nerves are perfectly normal – but that doesn’t mean they have to get the best of you. By understanding your anxiety, making a plan, and taking some simple steps to relax, you can manage your nerves and ace your exam.


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