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How to Create the Perfect Outfit with Jegging Jeans

Versatile, stylish, and incredibly comfortable, jegging jeans have quickly become a wardrobe staple. They’re made with stretchy materials that move with you. Better yet, they combine the look of your favorite jeans with the comfort of your favorite leggings. This makes them a cute and convenient option for just about any time of the year.

So, if you’ve picked up a new pair of jeggings, you might be wondering how to style them. From choosing the perfect tops to finding the right footwear, here are a few fashion tips to help you create the perfect outfit with jegging jeans.

Pair Your Jegging Jeans with the Perfect Tops

When you’re styling jegging jeans, you don’t always have to wear them the way you might wear traditional jeans. Instead, you can pair your jeggings with longer tops for a casual look. Not only does it serve as a beautiful silhouette, but it flatters your curves as well. Solid fabrics work wonders, but you can spice things up with fun patterns for your t-shirts, blouses, and tank tops.

When it comes to jackets and cool-weather outfits, you’ve got a few choices too. You can double down on the relaxed look with something like a longline cardigan, sweater, or tunic. Alternatively, you can always go for a dressy and more polished look. Pair your jegging jeans with a tailored blazer or leather jacket, and enjoy a night on the town.

Find the Right Footwear

While the perfect top is an essential part of your outfit, finding the right footwear is just as important. Whether you prefer ankle boots, casual slip-ons, or sneakers, jeggings are versatile enough for a variety of cute and creative looks.

For warmer months, you can pair your jeggings with your favorite sandals, flats, or mules for an effortlessly chic look. During the winter, a comfortable pair of boots is always a clear winner. For those in-between seasons, a cute pair of canvas sneakers offer a cool and casual look. If you want to dress things up a bit, the right pair of heels, wedges, or tall boots can really help you make a statement. No matter what shoes you choose, jegging jeans provide all sorts of fun ways to show off your personality.

Be Courageous with Your Colors

Part of the fun of creating outfits is finding new ways to experiment with color. Jeggings are no exception. Whether they’re green, a rich blue, or a deep red, fun colors can be a real eye-catcher.

In your search for the perfect outfit, don’t be afraid to be courageous with your colors. That blouse in your closet is sure to match the right color of jeggings. The same goes for that striped sweater you’re never quite sure what to do with. All you have to do is think outside the box—even if that means leaving your typical fashion comfort zone.

Work with What You’ve Got

Overall, the key to styling jegging jeans and looking your best is to work with what you’ve got. Given their fitted style, jeggings can help boost your assets. If you want to enhance your curves, a classic top is perfect for feeling comfortable and confident. In the end, a fun outfit can give you all the confidence you need to make the most of any day.

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Raquel Zoellner

I’ve been a thrifter and DIY fashion blogger for three years now, and I love teaching other people how to make or find fun, flirty, and affordable fashion for everything from formal weddings to comfy and casual everyday outfits. When I’m not out researching new trends (or at my sewing machine), you can probably find me acting as a personal fashion consultant for all my closest friends and family. I truly hope you enjoy my profile!

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