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How to clear youtube cache

How frequently do you use YouTube to listen to music or watch videos? If you constantly listen to or watch videos on YouTube, you may want to delete your cache and cookies. MiniTool lays out the rationale for how to clear youtube cache and the method for performing this action across several platforms here.


To Delete All History from YouTube 

Some information from a website you view will be automatically saved to your device by your browser. How to clear youtube cache, if you do this, the site will load faster and operate better the next time you visit.


Yet not everything is peachy keen. Besides the space that YouTube videos take up on your computer or mobile device, there is also the space that is used up by caches and cookies. In addition, your device’s speed will suffer if you have an excessive number of caches and cookies. One final benefit of cleaning the YouTube cache is that it may resolve certain YouTube issues, such as the YouTube app, not opening.


Just for this reason, you should erase your YouTube history and cookies. It’s important to remember, however, that doing so will cause two issues with YouTube:


  • After clearing YouTube’s cache and cookies, your preferences will be lost, so you’ll need to sign in again. Don’t cause yourself any unnecessary stress by losing access to your account because you forgot your password.


  • Now that the cache (of graphics, logo, and sections) has been cleared, YouTube loads more slowly than before.


How to clear youtube cache and cookies can free up space on your device, provided you can remember your account’s password and can live with the site’s slower loading speed.


Just what is a Cache, anyway?


  • Cached data is temporarily stored in a computer’s main memory to improve the CPU’s performance. Cache memory is a lot more expensive than other types of memory.
  • A barrier between the central processing unit and system memory.
  • Data and code chunks that are often accessed by the processor are stored here.
  • The OS first loads the data and code segments into primary memory from the hard drive, and then into the CPU’s cache memory for fast access.
  • Any time the CPU needs some information, it first checks its cache.
  • If the data is present in cache memory, the CPU uses it to proceed with the process; otherwise, it is looked for in the RAM or primary memory, where it is typically located.
  • Data stored in the cache memory is retrieved from the CPU’s main memory more quickly. Because of this, the CPU’s efficiency has increased greatly.
  • It’s a type of computer memory that’s much faster than the main memory yet takes up much less space.
  • Since it is so close to the processor, it is sometimes referred to by that name.
  • Cache memory is an extremely quick but also very pricy form of temporary memory.


Should You Clear Your YouTube Cache?


Detailed, easy-to-follow guides on how to clear YouTube cache from your computer, Android, or iOS device are provided below.


Windows: Clear YouTube Cache


In order to clear your computer’s YouTube cache, you must follow these four steps:


  • launch Google Chrome by clicking its icon in your toolbar and selecting the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select More Tools from the menu, and then click the Clear browsing data option.
  • Confirm the Time range on the Basic tab, and then choose whether to clear your cache, your cookies, and other site data, or both.
  • Select the Clear data option. Afterward, all of your recent YouTube viewing history and browsing cookies will be deleted.


All of your recent YouTube viewing history and session cookies have been deleted, so when you go to the site again, you’ll need to log in again.

Wipe Your Mobile Device’s YouTube Cache


This guide is meant for desktop computers and may not apply to mobile devices. We need to compare and contrast these two to find out the difference.


  1. launch Chrome on your mobile device (Android or iOS).
  2. on Android, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner of the interface; on iOS, tap the same icon in the lower-right corner.
  3. select History > Clear Browsing Data from the menu.
  4. select the boxes next to the data types (such as browsing history, cookies, and site data) that you want to delete.
  5. Click the “Confirm” button to actually delete the chosen information. Please clear your browsing history and cache by selecting the corresponding options on your Android device.


Delete YouTube videos from your Smart TV’s cache


Similar to cleaning the cache on a mobile device, emptying the cache on a smart TV will reset the TV’s internal storage. If you want to start over with YouTube on your smart TV, follow these steps:


It’s time to fire up the set and adjust some options.


Pick “Apps” from the drop-down menu.


Just click on the All-Apps button.


Choose YouTube.


To verify, please click “OK.”


Note that the Sony Bravia Smart TV instructions given here serve as an example; the process is identical across most brands.


Should you frequently erase the YouTube cache?


If you’re tired of always being redirected to how to clear youtube cache of the same videos and content on YouTube, clearing your cache and cookies is the best option. To free up space and speed up your iPhone, Android, or PC, just follow these simple instructions to remove the YouTube cache.


The only time I’d recommend clearing your YouTube cache is if you were experiencing serious issues. The cached information helps the app launch quicker. The cache won’t keep growing forever because YouTube purges old data on a regular basis.




This article is about how to clear youtube cache. It will help you to clear your pc, mobile, and iPhone.

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