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How to automatically create records from incoming mails to CRM?

Without any spec of doubt, we are making records faster from Inbound emails to SuiteCRM software. Herculean process of making records in SuiteCRM? Not at all! We are not following a one-by-one record-creating process. It will take a copious amount of time. We eliminated this and adapted SuiteCRM Email to Lead for our business. It automatically creates records from incoming mails. There is no single complexity now. 

Are you interested in adding one more Product to your CRM Business? If yes, the Email to Lead extension is best-of-breed. It always makes sure that productivity will never get ruined. 


Simple Guide to automatically create records from incoming mails

Get innumerable emails from your client and make records on SuiteCRM swifty with this plugin. It will make all this record-creation process easier and faster. It’s not a long-winded tasks now. The team can improve their work productivity now. A proper relaxation for all of us. Everything will be done automatically with no manual effort. 

Back in 2019, we watched how painful the situation was for the companies to make one-by-one records in SuiteCRM from Inbound email. We received tons of messages from other leads related to this issue. We remember one message where a lead explained: 

“Hi! Today’s query is related to record-making in the SuiteCRM system. You already know it’s an iterative process of making records one by one. The Sales team needs the best solution. They are losing productivity. If they keep on giving more time here then who will focus on other effective strategies of Sale? Help here!”

And we replied to that person, “It was a daunting task for us in the past. We even had a conversation about it. You Remember? From this year, we are using SuiteCRM Email to Lead add-on to automatically create records from incoming mails. We even shared with bundles of leads and we got great feedback from them. The specialty of this extension is making this whole process promptly with no human error and no extra manual efforts needed. We recommend that you strive for this latest add-on.” 

On the same day, he purchased and started using that to know how it works and how many functionalities he is getting. After a few days, we received an email from him, “Thank you for suggesting such a Plugin. Now it’s a Cakewalk task for every department to make records. They can now focus on the company to evolve and efficiently.”


Price and other services to know

Introduce one more intuitive extension in your company by investing just $999.00 and get Lifetime support. 

A user can start with a 3 Day Risk-Free Trial too. This helps to know the plugin more in-depth. 

A Newbie can adapt FREE PRODUCT TOUR service. It helps to clear your ways for Installation and Configuration of a product. 


Functionalities the Plugin is offering for all Businesses 

Ready to know all the underrated five features of the Email to Lead Plugin? Your firm needs to know every updated function. Let’s have a look-

  • Easy for your Business now to Create and Update records in any module of SuiteCRM. Choose any module as per your choice. 
  • The Product is providing the functionality of Fetch Emails. Get the email options like All-New, Unseen, Plugin after Installation, etc. 
  • SuiteCRM Email to Lead Product helps in Mapping of Field. It will be easier for your CRM software to parse data and select fields with their default value. 
  • You can go for the Option “No Email Key” if you receive details from different fields. There is an Option called “Customer Source Settings” and here you can save the email address of FROM Field. 
  • The Plugin of Outright Store will not create any duplicate record if it gets an email of the same subject line and email address. 



I am Aashna Khanna from Outright Store, it's an online hub of SuiteCRM & SugarCRM Plugins. You can customize your business with the help of these useful tools and their functionalities. If you want detailed information please visit the store.

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